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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Indoor Antenna

If you purchase the best indoor TV antenna, you’ll have great channels offered for free right on your television. It’s a great investment, and a lot of people love the idea of saving money and having one less bill to pay every month.

And the one thing people don’t realize is that their cable bill is often the most expensive bill aside from car and mortgage payments.

Of course, this isn’t including those chef classes you’re taking or anything crazy like that. No, this includes your general bills, such as:

  • Electric
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Gas
  • Trash
  • Water

And in a world where people want to be more frugal, we’re seeing a shift of people cutting the cord and enjoying the additional free time they have because they’re watching television less.

I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve saved personally.

I spend so much less time not having to flick through 100s of channels to try and find something I want to watch.

And I’ve found 5 reasons why everyone needs an indoor digital TV antenna.

1. Save Money

Everyone wants to save money. No one offers to pay more to the cable company out of their own free will. I have a shocking fact for you that may make you think about how much money you’re spending just to watch those few shows you enjoy.

The average cable bill is $103.

And this figure ranges as high as $108, depending on the location and source. Just think of what you could do with all that money you saved. You could save over $1,200 a year and go on a vacation, too.

If you didn’t want to go on vacation, you could use the money to:

  • Pay off debt
  • Spoil your spouse
  • Pay for sports for kids
  • Take classes
  • Buy nearly 100 books

There’s so much potential when you cut the cord and use an indoor digital antenna for your entertainment.

2. Cable Bills Are Rising

I couldn’t believe it either. Not only am I spending a ton on my cable bill already, but I am also going to be spending more this year. If you go off a $100 average, you’ll be spending $104 this year on your cable bill.

Every year, the cable company increases their rates by 4% on average.

It’s robbery.

The big issue is that many cable companies are the only ones in town. Large cities may have great options for providers, but for smaller cities, there’s often just 1 or 2 options to pick from. There’s also a lot of mergers and buyouts in the industry, making the market less competitive.

When you’re the only option available, you can raise your prices with little backlash.

3. Free Channels Galore

You’re a lot like me – I can tell. You’re reading this article, and you’re mad at the high cost of cable. I think this is the same experience that a lot of people have prior to putting an end to their hefty cable bill costs.

The good news is that there are free channels galore.

What no one tells you is that an antenna can help you tap into 12 – 40+ channels right on your television. Yup. You don’t even need to use a cable box or pay some hefty bills to be able to enjoy your favorite shows.

You’ll get some pretty standard channels, too, such as:

  • Local news
  • Sports
  • Fox, CNN, ABC

We actually wrote an article on all the channels a TV antenna offers .

If you have an antenna and aren’t getting these channels, we also recommend reading our guide on how to boost your TV antenna signal .

4. You’ll Enjoy More Free Time

One of the shocking revelations people have when reading indoor TV antenna reviews is that  they’ll gain a ton of free time. Yes, you’ll still be able to watch a lot of your favorite shows, sports and news, but you’ll also have less time wasted in front of the television.

Your watching habits will decrease.

This is time that you gain that can be spent on:

  • Reading a book to better yourself
  • Taking courses
  • Spending time with your friends or family

Even just sitting back and relaxing is a lot easier when you’re not hearing all the bad news stories on the television. It’s a break away from the chaos of the world, and it’s a great way to finally get a little freedom in your life.

Adults aged 35 – 49 spend 33 hours per week watching television.

Just think about that. A person spends nearly 5 hours per day watching television. It’s almost a full-time job.

And it’s something people do every single day.

Even kids are watching 24 hours of television per week. Nearly 3.5 hours a day is spent in front of the television.

5. TV Networks Are Offering Shows for Free Online

Even the best indoor antenna won’t provide you with every channel you watch on television. While it would be nice to have every channel for free, it will never happen. But, a lot of television networks are beginning to harness the power of the Internet.

Take the History channel as an example.

You’ll be able to watch a lot of the most recent episodes of History shows for free on their website.

This is an awesome service that is just getting better.

A lot of channels are offering content on their website or their own subscription service. I’m guilty of using HBO’s online service to watch Game of Thrones. I just cancel when the season is over and save a ton of money while still watching one of the best shows in the world.

There’s also the option to use some of the money you’ve saved to register for Hulu or Netflix – or any streaming service for that matter.

If you’re on the fence and thinking about buying a TV antenna or just want to cut the cord, do it. You’ll find that there’s a lot of great content for free. And there’s no reason why you can’t watch many of the shows and movies you want without spending a bundle in the process.

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