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2019 Fall TV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

November 19, 2019

Fall is the best time of year for television. Along with the return of our favorite shows, we also get to enjoy the debut of new and exciting shows. This year, the fall TV lineup includes a rich mix of drama, fantasy and supernatural with some comedy sprinkled in. We’re also seeing more original shows […]

4 Myths About Cord Cutting That You Should Never Believe

November 18, 2019

We’ve heard a lot of myths about cord cutting – some true, some false. Some people are against the idea completely, like my family members, who always ask: “why don’t you have cable?” The conversation then goes to talking about the news and asking how I live without the news. I don’t like watching the […]

4 Streaming Services You Probably Never Heard of Before

Your TV antenna offers great free channels, but you’re left wanting more. Netflix and Hulu are great, and a lot of major companies, like Disney and HBO, offer their own streaming services. But you’re not getting anything truly unique with these big names. You want something different. Do you have options? Yes. These streaming services […]

5 Best Resources for Cord Cutters

If you’re joining the cord cutting movement, you need resources to make the experience even better. The good news is that there are a lot of neat resources that you can use, both on smartphone and the web, to help you put an end to high cable bills. We’re going to be covering the best […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Digital TV Antennas

November 17, 2019

A lot of people, those in their 30s and under, remember growing up with a cable box. You may remember televisions with the “bunny ears,” but chances are, your family quickly moved to cable television. This was a time when cable television prices were not insanely high. And the old antennas were very fickle. You […]

8 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed for Better Streaming

One of the major benefits of using an indoor antenna is that you don’t have to worry about your internet speed. As long as you get a clear signal from your antenna, you can watch local channels without worrying about buffering or glitching. But if you’re like most cord-cutters, you probably use at least one […]

Appeals Court Passes Net Neutrality Repeal: What It Means for Cord Cutters

Net neutrality is very important for cord cutters who want to be able to stream content. In fact, even if you’re just a gamer that games more than they watch television, the repercussions of repealing net neutrality can have a lasting impact on your wallet. What is Net Neutrality? A lot of Internet users do […]

Cord-Cutter News Fall Roundup

November 16, 2019

With fall in full swing, lots of changes are coming to television – and the cord-cutter world. We’re rounding up the biggest headlines to hit the press this season to keep you in-the-know. Roku Welcomes Tidal, Ends Support for Older Models Roku recently announced that it now has a Tidal channel, so users can now […]

Cord-cutters News: What’s Happening This Month

A lot of breaking news has occurred in the cord-cutting industry this month; news that we just had to share with all of our readers. We’ve already talked about the importance of ATSC 3.0, but today we’re going to start with another important topic: scams. Amazon’s TV Antenna  Listings are Filled with Outrageous Claims TechHive […]

Dish is Launching the AirTV Mini, a 4K Streaming Stick

Streaming is here to stay. How do we know this? Because it seems like everyone is launching their own streaming stick that lets you access your favorite streaming services. Now, Dish is joining that long list of companies with the launch of the AirTV Mini, a 4K streaming stick with a similar design and features […]

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