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  • Boost Waves Antenna Review: Are All These Channels Really Free?

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    If you’re on social media, you’ve seen Boost Waves promoted everywhere. The antenna’s popularity is exploding, offering consumers a “way to get real channels for free.” We’ve had a lot of our readers ask us questions about the Boost Waves antenna.

    • Are there really no contracts?
    • Is this really a one-time cost?
    • Does Boost Waves really work?
    • Am I breaking the law by using this antenna?

    We didn’t know the answer. We’ve been tempted to write a Boost Waves review for quite some time, and after all of your questions, we decided to do a review.

    We weren’t even sure if this antenna was a scam.

    The good news is that we weren’t scammed: Boost Waves works well, it shipped to our door.

    There are some quirks, and there is some work involved in getting the Boost Waves antenna up and running.

    Boost Waves Antenna Review: Features to Love, Promises Kept

    I know it’s legal to use an HD antenna, and I know that television antennas are nothing new. You can get a lot of TV channels for free, but how well does this antenna work? This is what we wanted to find out.

    And it works really well.

    What we really love about Boost Waves is that the antenna is very easy to setup; I’m talking just minutes to give this antenna a test drive. I have to admit that you’ll need to reposition the antenna and try to find the best signal in your home.

    A few tips to help have been discussed in our blog post.

    We recommend checking where your local television tower is located. There are a few variables that will impact your signal, but you’ll receive dozens of channels for free – we did.

    Oh yeah, the design of the antenna is very sleek and easy to conceal. You’ll be able to hide your antenna easily. There’s no need to worry about this antenna sticking out on the wall and creating an eyesore in your space.

    Just to give you an example of the size of this antenna, it’s just 12 ounces in weight.

    It’s super thin and light.

    When you choose to use Boost Waves, you’ll choose an antenna that features:

    Boost Waves Antenna Features and Specs

    • 1080p HDTV
    • 30-mile signal range
    • 12-ounce weight
    • 13″ x 12″ dimensions
    • 10-foot cable
    • Range amplifier
    • Multidirectional reception

    There’s also a 10-foot cable that allows you to hide your antenna wires. It’s important to know that the nearest tower near our home in the mountains (known for difficult reception) was 29 miles away.

    We didn’t have any reception issues.

    There’s also a range amplifier included that increases the maximum range of your Boost Waves antenna from 30 to 60 miles. You’ll be able to receive multiple signals in many cases, providing you with even more local channels.

    Placement is always a concern with television antennas, but this model’s multidirectional reception allows you to receive reception from all angles.

    It’s so easy to setup thanks to the multidirectional feature.

    We always recommend, with any antenna you own, to hook up the range amplifier to get more channels. You might get channels from several television channels at once – it’s always free, too.

    Alright: Talk to Me About Channels

    How many channels will you receive? A lot. But not all channels will be in 1080p high-definition. You’ll be watching the sweat drip down your favorite actor’s face it’s so clear. You won’t be getting all of those paid channels though – that’s a lie.

    You can’t expect to get HBO or Showtime – any premium channels – for free with a regular antenna.

    But you will get a lot of:

    You’ll be able to watch a lot of your favorite:

    • Sports teams
    • Television shows
    • News
    • Soap operas
    • Comedies

    We’ve been known  to watch a few movies on our antenna, too. These are basic channels, and you can expect to get 12 – 40+ channels, depending on your location. If you’ve been holding back on cutting the cord because of your local sports, Boost Waves is the answer.

    Again, you won’t be able to watch:

    • Pay-per-view
    • HBO
    • Showtime
    • UFC

    If you’ve noticed, a lot of these high-end channels are starting to offer their own streaming services. The companies want and need to make money – they can’t offer free channels.

    But for the one-time price of just $89.99, you’ll get a lifetime of free television.

    It’s really a small trade-off in my eyes.

    Customer Service Isn’t What It Used to Be

    There was a time when customer service was everything. Companies used to woo their customers with excellent service. But now we have blog posts, online chats with people that barely know the product and frequently asked question areas on websites.

    In truth, customer service is dying in the sense of face-to-face or even voice-to-voice customer service.

    Boost Waves’s customer service is the same.

    No one gives you the time of day when you call the customer service number. I felt like I was a nuisance and that I had no business calling about the product I purchased.

    Anyway, you can initiate a replacement or have a new product shipped easily. But, if you have small problems, I recommend searching forums and using the Internet to find the solution. This is the company’s biggest drawback.

    When you choose Boost Waves antenna, there’s also a lot of good.


    • Long range of 60 miles
    • Thin and discreet design
    • 1080P HD clarity


    • Customer service stinks

    We’re happy to say that Boost Waves does work, and this product is in no way a scam. In fact, this isn’t even a new concept. Television antennas are how people used to watch television before those fancy cable boxes rushed in and started burning a hole in people’s pockets.

    It takes minutes to setup an antenna, and the biggest issue is trying to find the right placement to find all of the available channels.

    The range amplifier helps a lot, too.

    Ads, especially on social media, for Boost Waves are promising the world, and while you’ll get dozens of channels, you won’t receive HBO or any paid channels.

    But no true antenna will offer these channels.

    For us, Boost Waves makes true on all of their promises and offers a great option for cord cutters who don’t want to lose the channels they love.

    Click here to claim a special discount on your Boost Waves.

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