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Who Can Benefit from an Indoor TV Antenna?

Indoor TV antennas can be one of the most useful things you install in your home. Why? Because it saves you money – and quite a bit of money at that. We’ve talked a lot about how much money people spend on their cable bills each month, but it’s worth repeating: the average person spends over $100 per month on TV.

Imagine being able to save $100 per month every month without having to sacrifice your daily entertainment. An indoor antenna gives you the opportunity to make the easiest cut to your monthly bills. All it takes is a small investment that will repay itself in just a month or two.

But you may be thinking: can I really benefit from an indoor antenna? If you’re still on the fence about buying an antenna, here’s a list of people that can benefit from installing one (I’ll bet you’re one of these people).

Cord Cutters

Cord cutters benefit the most from a TV antenna. If you’re a cord cutter you already know why an antenna is great for your home: you can finally watch local news and your favorite shows without having to go back to the cable company.

An antenna is simple to install, and it won’t interfere with your other streaming services.

You can still have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and any other streaming service with an indoor antenna. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite entertainment outlets.

An antenna will let you watch all broadcast channels, like CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS, in your area while still catching House of Cards on Netflix.

Whether you’re already a cord cutter or thinking about cutting the cord, you can benefit from an antenna. And if you are on the fence, the prospect of being able to watch the news and your favorite sitcome or reality TV shows may push you to take the dive and finally cancel cable for good.

Off-Grid Living

Are you living off the grid? If so, TV may be the one thing that you really miss. Sure, you can install a satellite dish, but do you really want that monthly bill that comes with?

One of the greatest advantages to living off-grid is being able to save money on your utilities each month. Don’t bog yourself down with an unnecessary bill each month.

The great thing about a TV antenna is that it’s completely legal. You’re not pirating TV shows or movies. You’re not “stealing” content. You’re just picking up the signal from local broadcast stations that were free to begin with.

Did you know that your old cable bill included a lot of channels that were completely free? It was the premium channels that accounted for the bulk of your bill.

You can even get a wireless TV antenna, like the one from Mohu , so you don’t even have to worry about plugging in the antenna to your TV.

Budget Conscious Families

Raising a family is hard enough as is. The last thing you want is to increase the weight of your financial burden each month. That extra $100 a month can go to your food bill, extra-curricular activities, or your savings account.

Budget conscious families can benefit greatly from a long range TV antenna.

Now, you may be saying, “Well, I have to spend money to get an antenna.” That is true – you do have to spend money on an antenna. But you’ll see a return on your investment in just a few months – or less.

Right now, you can buy an antenna for $100 or less, depending on how advanced you want the antenna to be. Most antennas cost less than $60. That means you can make your money back in less than a month.

You’ll start saving around $100 the very next month after buying the antenna.

Whether you’re raising a family or retired and on a fixed income, a TV antenna will help you save money that can be better spent on things you need.

People Who Live Near Broadcast Towers

If you live near broadcast towers, you can watch free HDTV and enjoy all of your favorite programming.

If you’re within 50 miles of a tower, an antenna can pick up a range of different channels – some of which you may have never seen.

Most homes are within this range, so most homes can take advantage of free TV.

What happens if you’re far away from broadcast towers?

You can still get TV with a long-range antenna.

People Who Spend Money on Channels They Don’t Watch

Are you still paying for cable television each month? If so, sit down and think about how many channels you really watch? Five? Ten? Maybe 15?

If you have time to watch all 200+ channels every week, you may need to rethink your life plans.

No one watches all of the channels they pay for each month.

But think about this – most of the sitcoms, reality TV shows and news programs you watch are probably shown on broadcast television. That means you’re not even paying for that programming.

All of the programming on channels like NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS is free.

If those are the only channels you watch and you’re tired of paying for entertainment you don’t want, a TV antenna is the perfect fit for you.

I’m willing to bet that at least 90% of cable subscribers only watch a handful of channels and grumble every month when they see their bill.

I’m paying for something I don’t even use.

Installing an antenna will let you watch only the channels you want – and without paying a dime.

Just about everyone can benefit from installing a TV antenna. Whether you’re on a fixed income or have more money than you can spend, an antenna will help you save money each month that you can spend on more useful things. If you’re living off grid, on a budget, living near broadcast towers or a cord cutter, a television antenna is a great fit for you.

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