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    ClearStream is a great manufacturer of indoor HDTV antenna products, and the Micron XG is a superb antenna. This is the second model we recommend from ClearStream with the other model being the ClearStream Eclipse.

    Both antennas work great, and they have a built-in TV antenna booster to ensure users have the best signal possible.

    And with a 50 mile range, this product delivers on its promise of offering a long range TV antenna that works well. While there are some complaints with the Micron XG, this product is a well-built unit that’s a little bulkier than the competition, yet it produces great overall reception.

    ClearStream Micron XG Features

    • 50+ mile range
    • Full 1080 HD when available
    • 20dB inline amplifier
    • Reflector
    • 6ft coaxial cable
    • Lifetime parts warranty

    ClearStream Micron XG Review

    ClearStream is a great company that offers long warranties and includes the cables you need to start using their antennas promptly. This unit comes with a 6-foot cable which is smaller than most, so you’ll need to position the antenna and television in the appropriate place.

    Sometimes, users may need to move their television, depending on where the broadcast tower is located.

    Keep in mind that every antenna’s reception can be affected by:

    • Broadcast tower position
    • Broadcast tower range
    • Building materials
    • Obstructions

    As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into the signal’s strength and quality. If these factors are causing a lack of reception or channels, try and adjust the antenna and use the seek feature to find the best position before mounting.

    The installation and setup of the antenna are simple.

    You’ll need to attach the coaxial cable to the antenna and plug the other end into your television. The television you own will have an according input for the antenna input. Just make sure that the antenna and TV port have the cable attached with a snug fit.

    You have two options when placing the antenna:

    1. Wall Mount: A wall mounting allows for a better positioning of the antenna. This is done by placing the antenna on the wall and choosing a good location before mounting. The issue with this setup is that you do need to mount the unit, and it will stick out against your wall’s paint color. Being a thicker antenna, this is a consideration that you’ll need to think about.
    2. Tabletop: You have the option of standing the antenna up on a tabletop or entertainment center. A lot of people will place the antenna close to their television, and it looks a lot like an Internet router when this is done. While this is a great option for some, it doesn’t work for others when they’re further away from the broadcast tower or they have a shoddy signal.

    Once mounted or placed properly, you’ll find that a lot of the stations will come in Full 1080 HD for free. I was blown away when I found out that this unit offers some of the best channels and programming, including:

    • ABC
    • NBC
    • CW
    • PBS
    • Fox
    • Univision
    • MeTV

    And what’s really neat is that there’s a 20dB amplifier attached to the antenna that amplifies the signal. This works well for some and seems to do little for others. Again, location is the major deciding factor of how well an antenna will work in your home.

    One thing that ClearStream is proud of with their products is that they have the best antenna in the 35 mile range. If your tower is within the 35 mile range and there are minimal to no obstructions of the signal, it will work very well with crystal clear reception and a lot of channels.

    The further away from the broadcast tower, the less chance of having a strong signal.

    It’s an issue that all antennas suffer with.

    If the unit has a broken part, there is a lifetime warranty (under normal usage), so your investment will be protected. The one thing that users really like about this unit is its high quality design.

    Use the antenna as directed, and it will work well without any issues.

    Antenna breakage is rare with modern antennas, so unless it falls off the wall when mounted, it shouldn’t break.

    One thing we haven’t talked about yet is that this product will eliminate RFI. The elimination of RFI is due to the shield that reflects the interference. A lack of interference leads to a higher quality signal with no disruption.

    Electrostatic discharge protection is offered, too. The product’s dimensions are 10″ x 11″ x 4.5″. Power requirements are 12V DC. The patented loop design allows for a better overall signal with higher strength.


    • Dual mounting options make this an overall great antenna that can be mounted or placed on the tabletop. Optional hardware for mounting is provided.
    • Offers full HD support for channels that offer high definition signals.
    • Decent range that varies greatly depending on location and signal obstructions.


    • High price, with comparable models often cheaper

    While this antenna does work and has a very good range, it isn’t the best TV antenna in terms of price. Users often complain that they can purchase a similar quality antenna for cheaper. But even these reviews rave about the clarity and signal reception of the Micron.

    You’ll also need to seek channels weekly to ensure that the antenna works properly.

    One thing that’s great about this company, and you’ll find a lot of people talking about it in HD antenna reviews, is that the customer service is extremely helpful. Most customer service is lacking, and this lack of customer service leaves consumers looking for answers online.

    If users have an issue with a ClearStream product, a customer service agent will help you troubleshoot the problem and work with you to find an amicable solution.

    This level of customer service is worth the extra cost of the antenna.

    And with high definition signals and a lot of free channels, this is an antenna that a lot of cord cutters have chosen for their entertainment needs.

    Click here to view pricing and availability of the ClearStream Micron XG antenna.

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