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Indoor antenna reviews

TV Fox Antenna Review 2018

#1 Tv Fox Antenna

Obtain yours now! Are you still paying for cable television? The premiums are starting to increase every year it seems. And the worst part is that you don’t watch half the channels you’re paying top dollar for with your […]

ClearView Antenna Review 2018

December 5, 2017

No one wants to pay for cable. I know that every time I checked my cable bill, I was just waiting for the rates to go up. And rates do go up a lot. Basic cable rates rise 4.8% annually based off of data over the past ten years.

TVSurf Antenna Review 2018:

Obtain yours now! Can You Really Get FREE Television? TVSurf antenna is on fire. I saw ads for this antenna cover my Facebook news feed just the other day. “Insanely powerful HDTV antenna” and “terrifying big cable and TV […]

Octa Air Review: 90 of 100 Top Television Programs Unlocked

February 3, 2018

Skywire TV Antenna Review

August 15, 2017

If you're on social media, you've seen Skywire TV promoted everywhere. The antenna's popularity is exploding, offering consumers a "way to get real channels for free." We've had a lot of our readers ask us questions about the Skywire TV antenna.

TV Scout Antenna Review: Scam or Legit Product?

Obtain yours now! We Uncover the Truth in Our Review TV Scout antenna is everywhere. Our inbox started to explode with questions about the TV Scout antenna in early May 2017, and a lot of readers had questions. Is […]

Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna Review 2018

Mohu’s Leaf 50 is one of our top picks for a TV antenna. Robust with a long range, the Mohu Leaf offers a 50 mile range and ample antenna TV channels. Paper-thin in design, this antenna is nothing like the “bunny ear” antennas that you would see on old televisions. And the quality of this […]

ClearStream Micron XG Review 2018

ClearStream is a great manufacturer of indoor HDTV antenna products, and the Micron XG is a superb antenna. This is the second model we recommend from ClearStream with the other model being the ClearStream Eclipse. Both antennas work great, and they have a built-in TV antenna booster to ensure users have the best signal possible. […]

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Review 2018

ClearStream’s Eclipse Amplified TV antenna for indoor use is one of the better wireless TV antenna models on the market, but it’s a little overpriced, according to some consumers. A 50-mile range and a flat design allow this model to fit perfectly in the interior of all homes. Many people are searching for free HD […]

Winegard FlatWave Amped FL5500A TV Antenna Review 2018

No one wants to pay more for their television service than necessary. Statistics show that the average cable premium rises 4% per year, and the average cable bill is $103 per month. Consumers are cutting the cord because they can’t afford such a hefty cable bill. And with the Winegard antenna, there’s no need to […]

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