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  • Livewave Antenna Review: Is This Really the Next Generation Antenna?

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    Antennas have remained a stagnant technology for decades, but Livewave has the potential to change all of that.


    Televisions have changed drastically throughout the years, from large box televisions that weighed a lot to sleek LCD televisions that you can pick up with one arm. Now, we’re finally seeing what they call the “2.0 Antenna,” which features the latest technology.

    You’re going to see ads for this antenna everywhere, and before I started seeing my inbox blown up with messages, I’ve decided to give this antenna a test-drive.

    Can Livewave really beat out the likes of the Skylink TV antenna?

    We’re going to find out, together.

    Livewave Antenna Review: Features, Specs and New Technology

    There was a period where I seemingly didn’t watch television. I had exhausted most of the good content on Netflix, and I just didn’t want to sit in front of the television at night.

    I tend to fall asleep because the shows are boring, or I am just too tired after work.

    So, having a high-end antenna is a must-have for me. I need new entertainment – not the same old content that stays on streaming sites for years.

    When I first started reading about the Livewave, I saw the typical claims:

    • HD TV channels
    • Free movies
    • Free local TV
    • Free news

    And I noticed that this antenna looks different. It’s an advanced antenna, and aesthetically, it looks like nothing I have never seen before.

    This device has been tested and used in homes and apartments across the United States.

    It works.

    It’s also very different from your ordinary antenna.


    Setup has Been Turned Upside Down

    I have written extensively on how to setup a normal indoor antenna, but I am going to have to write a new article on the topic. Why? You see, a 2.0 antenna has to be different, and Livewave plugs right into your electrical outlet.

    When you plug this unit into your electrical outlet, it will make your entire home turn into a giant television antenna.

    Boom! No fiddling with placing your antenna on the wall or anything like that.

    All you have to do is plug the unit into the wall and you’re done. It takes just one minute to install, and there are no tools or anything else included.

    You can join the 33% more people cutting cords in the United States this year.

    But the setup isn’t over. You’ll need to run the wire from the plug into your cable input on your television. You’ll then grab your television’s remote and navigate to “scan for new channels.”
    It’s the smallest antenna for home use, and its design is based on military technology.

    Stop paying those expensive cable bills in seconds (we even secured a 50% discount for our readers).

    Completely safe and effective, you’re not hooking this unit into your home’s wiring, so there’s much less of a safety risk when compared to other antennas. Your kids will never get shocked by the antenna even if they pull it out of the wall – it’s 100% shock safe.

    It’s really so easy that anyone will be able to install this antenna in a matter of minutes.

    Quality and Channel Options

    Your television will take just a few seconds to a few minutes to scan through all of the channels. It really depends on your television and how close the nearest broadcast tower is located. Once everything is set, you’ll find that the clarity really depends on the channel.

    There will be channels in standard definition (SD) and channels in high-definition (HD).

    Definition quality will depend on the channel broadcasting, so it’s not a fault with your antenna if the quality isn’t high-definition.

    Now, most channels have been upgraded to HD, so if you have a good television, you’ll be able to see a person’s hair sway back and forth in movies. You’ll be able to see the person’s pores on their skin.

    It’s clarity that people couldn’t have even dreamed of 30 years ago, but now it’s become the norm.

    What channels can you expect to see on your list?

    • Fox
    • Ion
    • PBS
    • NBC
    • BET
    • Decades
    • ABC
    • CBS
    • FXM
    • MeTV
    • Bounce

    You’ll find a variety of Spanish channels, news channels, local sports and weather channels and shopping channels, too. When other antennas are picking up just a handful of channels, this antenna is able to pick up 27+.

    The number of channels you receive will all depend on your local broadcast tower, so it all really depends.

    When you go to order, you’ll find that by purchasing additional units you’ll be able to save up to 57% off of the price. A free cable has been included, too, which will allow you to get started with your antenna quickly.

    Checkout using a credit card, PayPal or other payment processors.

    If you want to upgrade, there is also a lifetime protection option which I highly recommend to safeguard your investment.


    • Installs in minutes
    • Sleek design that is the smallest in the industry
    • Offers multiple ways to save on the price
    • Clarity is in HD and SD, depending on the channel


    • Lack of a sales history

    My only complaint is that this is a new product, so there hasn’t been much feedback on the product, primarily on what can go wrong. But there’s a warranty offered, and a money-back guarantee, so you can return this antenna if it doesn’t meet your standards.

    Whew, I really can’t praise the Livewave antenna enough. Think of this model as the 2.0 antenna – it’s that good. And it’s going to blow you away from all angles. It’s such a good antenna that I give it a 96% out of 100% rating.

    For me, that’s a very rare rating because I am very picky when it comes to antennas – a lot of them can’t meet their claims.

    But it gets even better than that.

    I have secured a 50% discount on this antenna, along with free shipping for my readers. There’s also a 100% money back guarantee.

    Click here to view pricing and availability on the Livewave antenna.

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