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    Mohu’s Leaf 50 is one of our top picks  for a TV antenna. Robust with a long range, the Mohu Leaf offers a 50 mile range and ample antenna TV channels. Paper-thin in design, this antenna is nothing like the “bunny ear” antennas that you would see on old televisions.

    And the quality of this antenna is far superior, too.

    A TV antenna amplifier is built into the Leaf, allowing for a stronger signal from broadcast towers that are further away. Even when obstructions cause the signal quality to degrade, this antenna is able to amplify the signal to provide a clear, high definition signal.

    I almost forgot to mention that the antenna is 4K ready.

    Sure, 4K is still new and most channels don’t offer it yet, but when you see the difference in clarity, you’ll be happy you chose the Leaf. A lot of antennas aren’t prepared for the future technology, and this makes the Leaf a smart choice for anyone who doesn’t plan on paying for those costly cable subscriptions any longer.

    I’m very excited to tell you more about this antenna for TV perfection, but before I do, let’s take a quick look at the features and specs of this antenna:

    Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna Features

    • 50 mile range
    • High definition ready
    • 4K ready
    • CleanPeak Filter technology
    • Multi-directional
    • 16-foot cable
    • Paintable
    • Flat design

    Mohu Leaf 50 TV Antenna Review

    The Leaf 50 is a flat antenna, and the smaller dimensions allows the user to install their antenna flush against the wall. Big and bulky antennas don’t have a place in the world of minimalistic, modern design concepts.

    And they make your room look out of place when they’re bulky.

    The flat antenna can be placed flush against the wall and still receive a strong signal. Designed using the U.S. military mud flap antenna for inspiration, this antenna is a best-seller and is known for being highly reliable.

    Innovative design concepts allow this antenna to be reversible, and it can be painted, too.

    Why is this important?

    Antennas are installed on the wall in a position that allows for the best signal possible. When the white or black antenna is mounted on the wall, it looks out of place. Picture the square antenna next to the fire mantle or a beautiful painting – it just doesn’t fit.

    But since you can paint this antenna, it’s a lot less in your face and doesn’t become the focal point of the room.

    Mohu offers a plug-and-play design concept along with the 16-foot cable that easily connects to the “antenna in” port on the television. When going to mount, some people get creative and mount the unit under cabinets or mantels so that it doesn’t stick out.

    The dimensions are just 2″ x 1″ x 0.5″.

    Once you plug the antenna into the television, you’ll want to do the following:

    • Locate the position of the broadcast tower
    • Try different locations for the antenna
    • Use the scan feature to find new channels
    • Reposition to get the best reception possible
    • Mount

    It’s that simple. I urge you to spend some time trying to find the best position so that you can get the most channels.

    This is an HD, free TV antenna, so you’ll be able to get crisp HD television for free. I’m not sure why anyone pays for cable television when this is available.

    What’s neat is that this unit will provide you with two technologies that really boost reception:

    1. Amplifier – a device that extends the range of the unit to allow for greater reception
    2. Filtering – the filtering technology allows the amplifier to clear FM signals and cellular signals to provide better overall reception

    And when the amplifier is present, the unit gains a 15 dB at the minimum. Just plug the amplifier into the television’s USB port and it will power on and off with the television. It’s a great way to get the channels you want.

    Speaking of channels, this unit can help you get all the free channels you often pay a lot of money for, including:

    • ABC
    • CBS
    • NBC
    • PBS

    Of course, there are an abundance of channels not listed because they vary by location and availability.

    Mohu does provide a listing of the channels that are available for free in your local area, so this is something you’ll want to look into if there are some channels you can’t live without. All the most common, non-paid channels are often broadcast for free.

    If you have any issues during the installation and setup process, you can call customer support to get some help. The company is super helpful when it comes to answering questions and helping their customers troubleshoot any issues they may be having.


    • Amplification allows for a long range
    • Slim design allows the unit to be concealed (or painted)
    • Easy plug-and-play concept that’s great for older users


    • Some top stations don’t come in clear

    Amplification works great for most users, but it’s fickle for others. The issue does have a hack around, and this is one of the issues with antennas. We discuss how to boost antenna signal in another article.

    Once you figure out which channels you receive, you’ll be happy to know that they will come in with crystal clear clarity.

    And this is something most TV antenna reviews can’t claim.

    Static-free, this antenna does provide a great quality picture, and since it’s 4K ready, you never have to worry about installing a new antenna because your antenna no longer works with the new technology.

    All television stations will upgrade to 4K eventually, and this is a fact. The 4K television is the future, but it will take a few years before you can expect this to occur. The installation is so simple that even my grandma could do it, and she isn’t the most tech-savvy person I know.

    Sure, we recommend the Skylink, but the Mohu Leaf is a close second with top-of-the-line clarity and a great setup experience.

    Click here to view pricing and availability of the Mohu Leaf 50 amplified antenna.

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