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  • Octa Air Review: 90 of 100 Top Television Programs Unlocked

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    Octa Air Review: 90 of 100 Top Television Programs Unlocked

    Octa Air is disrupting the television antenna industry. Efficient, sleek and affordable, Octa Air has the potential to change the way you view cable. And I know that their ads seem super catchy, but what if you could cut back on your expensive cable bill?

    I lit my last bill on fire – it was that expensive.

    And you can do the same with the right antenna by your side.

    What’s so special about Octa Air? Should I really take the dive and cancel cable?

    Yes. You can always go back to cable if you don’t like having no cable bill and getting a ton of television shows for free.

    For me, the thought of my cable bill coming in the mail keeps me up at night.

    And get this: they’re rising again. A report from USA Today states that in 2018 the following companies are raising rates yet again:

    • Comcast is raising rates 2.2%
    • DirecTV is raising rates by $8 a month

    Since 2007, cable bills have risen 53% to over $100. You’re not even getting the good channels with this package. It’s a rip off, and Octa Air aims to put an end to this monopoly.

    Put your fears aside for just a minute.

    TV antennas let you get most of the top channels for free. This is a one-time investment, and there are no hidden fees that you have to worry about. There’s also no crazy rise in prices that are so routine that you can almost guarantee rate increases.

    But Octa Air is a one-time cost, it offers an easy setup and there are no hidden fees ever.

    Octa Air Features, Specs and Function Revealed

    I remember when television was grainy, the picture looked terrible (thinking about it now), and you never had to worry about high-definition. But in today’s world, I settle for nothing less than 1080p and crystal-clear pictures.

    Octa Air will be able to stream 1080p from your local television tower when possible.

    I like this model so much, I rate it a 94% out of 100%, and it goes head-to-head with even the Livewave Antenna, which I like a lot.

    Designed for indoor use, this antenna offers:

    • 50 km range
    • 1080p HDTV

    Black in color, the Octa Air fits any room décor and can be easily hidden. Space-saving by design, this razor-thin indoor antenna has the following specs:

    • 295 x 75 mm in size
    • 86g in weight

    That’s small. That’s sleek.

    You can easily put your antenna on anything: windows (probably the best option), behind furniture, under cabinets – anywhere you want.

    But keep in mind that for the best signal, there are a few tricks that I recommend.

    Octa Air’s features make it easy to setup, use and enjoy:

    • 86 g weight
    • 295 x 75 mm size
    • 1080p HDTV support
    • 50 km range
    • 90 of the top 100 TV programs
    • Multidirectional reception

    It’s easy to get started. Just attach it to your television’s port, mount and you’re good to go. Since most entertainment centers, televisions and speakers are black, the antenna will meld right into your design without sticking out like a sore thumb.

    And I mean you’ll be able to view the top 90 out of 100 TV programs.

    You really can’t argue with that much content for free. The 50 km range is more than enough to reach your local broadcast tower, and you may be one of the lucky people that can hit two towers at once for even more television.

    Just play with your antenna’s position to find the right location to receive the television programs you want to view.

    What channels and television shows can you expect to see?

    Channels, Television Shows and Sports

    Disconnect your cable box (it’s a great feeling), start unboxing your Octa Air and you’ll be on your way to watching free television in just minutes.

    It’s that fast.

    But what television and channels can you expect to get?

    You don’t want to be stuck with just the Home Shopping Network or QVC after all. You want to watch your favorite shows.

    And you can.

    You’ll also be able to watch:

    • Local news
    • Local weather channels
    • Movies

    There are a lot of factors that will impact your antenna’s signal, so you may want to play around with the location of the antenna to find the best position. A few things that will impact your signal the most are:

    • Broadcast tower location
    • Terrain
    • Weather

    The main factor will be the position of your local broadcast tower, so try and pinpoint the tower’s location, and put your antenna closest to the tower’s position. Terrain will play a role in the quality of the signal. If you live in a valley and the broadcast tower is on the top of the mountain, you can expect to have some issues with signal strength.

    But keep in mind you’re not going to receive premium channels.

    There’s no legal antenna that will allow you to watch HBO’s Game of Thrones or anything on Starz, Epix or any of those channels with the ridiculous prices.

    Expect local channels, non-premium channels (CW, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, etc) and even local sports games. The good news is that a lot of the non-premium channels also have playoff games for most sports, so you’ll be able to watch your favorite team compete.


    • Sleek design makes mounting non-intrusive
    • 1080p HD picture quality
    • 50 km range with multidirectional signal support


    • Discounts only when you buy multiple units

    I am always looking for a deal, so when I saw that the true discounts come from buying multiple units, I was bummed. The good news is that I needed an antenna for my son’s house, so I gave it to him as a gift and saved money on my purchase.

    Shipping is also not next day or super-fast, but it is acceptable.

    I am used to second-day shipping and a lot of companies simply can’t offer that when they’re small.

    With that said, I’ve knocked off hundreds of dollars on of my yearly cable bills (I don’t have any besides Internet), and I’m able to watch most of the channels I watched with cable anyway.

    It’s the compromise between crazy cable bills and being able to sit on your couch and watch your favorite program.

    And Octa Air really works.

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