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    Can You Really Get FREE Television?

    SkyLink TV is on fire. I saw ads for this Skylink TV antenna cover my Facebook news feed just the other day. “Insanely powerful HDTV antenna” and “terrifying big cable and TV companies” are two of the headlines I remember seeing.

    And readers have asked me a lot about SkyLink TV.

    Is SkyLink TV a scam? Can you still get reception from television towers?

    These are pretty common questions I find in my inbox.

    People want to cut the cord, but they’re not willing to let their favorite television show go just yet.

    The thought of no contracts and one-time costs is enticing.

    “You can access all top channels for FREE.”

    But can you really get all of these top channels with Skylink TV? There has to be some hidden fees. Right?

    I’m happy to say SkyLink TV antenna is the real deal. There’s a slight complaint on shipping time, but this is the real deal. You’ll get a lot of free TV channels (not every channel, but dozens). If you want you can check out my other tv antenna reviews as well.

    SkyLink TV Antenna Review: Features, Specs and Promises

    I like my television to be crystal-clear. I want high-definition television. SkyLink TV supports 1080p, so if high-definition television is available, you’ll have it right on your television screen. A lot of readers asked about the versatility of this product.

    And all I have to say is that this antenna is the top choice for indoor TV antennas.

    Discreet military technology was poured into this TV antenna to ensure that it’s three things:

    • Powerful
    • Discreet
    • Durable

    Razor thin in size, this antenna is all black, and has a size of just 230 x 102 mm with a weight of just 86 grams – that’s impressive.

    I’ve experimented with placing the TV antenna everywhere:

    • Windows
    • Under cabinets
    • Behind picture frames

    There’s even a stand included. You can place the antenna on the stand, and you’ll start receiving the top television stations on the planet.

    SkyLink TV is feature-rich offering:

    • 86g weight
    • 230 x 102 mm dimensions
    • Black color
    • 4 meter high performance cable
    • 1080p HDTV
    • Distance range of 30 miles
    • Range amplifier up to 50 miles
    • Multidirectional reception

    Super thin and a black color allow you to hide this antenna right behind the television or other decor. I like keeping my cords and equipment nice and neat, away from the viewer’s sight. I take pride in keeping media room clean, and this antenna is perfect for the tidy media-enthusiast.

    I’m always researching towers to try and place my antenna properly, but I was surprised with SkyLink TV.

    Multidirectional reception makes it simple to hone in on the television tower’s reception. The range is 30 miles, but there’s an amplifier that can increase the range up to 50 miles.

    Play with your placement until you find the best spot for getting the most channels.

    Speaking of channels, you’ll receive dozens of them.

    I’m watching sports while writing this Skylink TV review.

    Channels and Television Shows

    You’ll be watching most of your favorite channels within 20 minutes of unboxing this indoor TV antenna. I am not exaggerating either.

    I spent a good hour trying to find the right placement, and I recommend you spend the extra time finding the right placement, too. Reception varies a lot based on:

    • Weather
    • Location
    • Distance from broadcast towers
    • Terrain

    There are a lot of factors involved with reception quality.

    Placement helps you overcome these reception obstacles.

    But don’t expect to watch premium channels for free. You won’t receive:

    • HBO
    • Showtime
    • Starz
    • Cinemax
    • Epix

    It’s not going to happen.

    If you ever see a review saying you’ll get these premium channels, run the other way. Premium channels have expenses, too.

    It’s a business.

    But there are dozens of free channels that make money off of commercials and are 100% free, including:

    • Sports

      channels that are available for most playoff games and local games

    • Shows

      that are on non-premium channels, like FOX, CBS, CW, NBC, CBS, PBS and many more

    • Local

      news, weather and sports channels

    Streaming services are available for new movies and television channels.

    And with an antenna, you’ll save a ton of money every month. Cable premiums are going to keep going up. SkyLink TV antenna is a one-time cost – there are no fees or monthly costs to get channels from your local broadcast tower.

    I save a ton of money every month with my antenna.

    You’ll start saving money from the moment you attach your antenna and call the cable company to cancel your service.

    You’ll enjoy the freedom of not having to pay $100+ per month on television channels you never watch.

    Shipping Could Be Better

    I’m not going to lie: shipping can be slow. I’m used to shipping being really fast. Amazon and other companies have spoiled me.

    Fast shipping is awesome.

    SkyLink TV ships fast sometimes and slow other times. I ordered three SkyLink TV antennas, and the shipping time was one time slow and two times faster.

    But shipping times seem to be getting faster.

    I would rather have a slower shipping time than issues getting through to customer service (a problem with Boost Waves Antenna).

    Please notice, shipping is for FREE.


    • Multidirectional signal allows for easy setup
    • Crystal-clear clarity with 1080p HD
    • Long, amplified range
    • 30-day warranty


    • Shipping times can be slow


    I’m willing to wait for the SkyLink TV because it works better than the competition. I’m willing to wait an extra day or two to save hundreds of dollars a year on cable premiums.

    You’ll receive up to 90+ of 100 of the top channels. The antenna works in every Country doesn’t matter if you are in USA, Australia, UK, Canada etc… As long as you are in a 30mile range or if you have the amplifier up to 50 mile range from the next broadcast tower.

    Channels that aren’t on Netflix or HULU will be yours for free.

    It’s an investment in entertainment. Sure, the ads are a bit much, but for the most part, the ads meet their promises.

    The TV antenna is so easy and inexpensive, and with free shipping and the 100% money back guarantee they are offering if you don’t love it, there’s really no reason not to order your Skylink TV right now!

    SkyLink TV works. Television is FREE.

    I really approve this product.

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    Jack here. I’m the admin behind Best HD Antenna – a site for hardcore cord cutters. I’ve been struggling to find a way to help friends and family cut the cord. My solution was to start Best HD Antennas to bridge the gap between just going straight to a streaming service and choosing a top rated TV antenna. I also wanted my phone to stop ringing, or to stop having people ask me: “don’t you miss cable?” No, no I don’t miss paying $80 a month for television I don’t want.

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    Jack here. I’m the admin behind Best HD Antenna – a site for hardcore cord cutters. I’ve been struggling to find a way to help friends and family cut the cord