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TV Antenna Price Ranges and Difference in Quality

Should you buy a cheap TV antenna? Is there a difference between a high quality antenna? These are questions a lot of our readers ask us, and we wanted to address these questions publicly to clear up any confusion you may have before making your purchase.

There’s a big difference between a cheap model and the best antenna for TV.

And one of the differences is certainly price. You’ll receive a high quality product that’s designed to meet the needs of users. Cheaper models may not work at all, or these models may be subpar and miss a lot of the channels broadcast by a tower.

TV Antennas for Sale

When you consider TV antennas, it’s best to go to Amazon to get a general idea of what the prices are. Amazon has a zillion products, and a quick search shows that the company has over 3,000 antennas.

Breaking it down further, we’re able to see a dramatic price range:

  1. $4 for a traditional bunny ear antenna (the type used in the 50s – 90s).
  2. $249 for a high-end antenna.

If you look at our indoor antenna reviews (check out our homepage ), you’ll find that we don’t mention either of these extremes. The truth is that $4 gets you old, outdated technology that may work for some, but it’s not the best antenna by any means.

The TV antenna signal is also pretty unreliable at the low-end.

What happens is that some of these antennas don’t offer HD compatibility, but there’s also such a small range that it’s difficult to get the most channels possible on older antennas.

And when we look at the most expensive antenna, there are bad reviews.

Now, I am going to tell you that my favorite antenna is over $200 cheaper than the costly model we’re mentioning.

There’s also far better reviews than the high-end model.

So, what makes the high-end model worth so much?

  • Wireless connectivity
  • GPS antenna install recommendation
  • 60 mile coverage
  • DVR function

You won’t find these amazing features on other products. This product, no names, is a former KickStarter project. What this does offer is a lot of great functions, but where this model fails is the wireless signal drops.

The technology is great, and while I can see it be a part of the future, the technology just isn’t stable enough.

When you sit down and find that your signal is cutting out, there’s little use of the GPS antenna location or even the wireless connectivity. I would rather have a cable attached to the television to allow for a steady signal at all times.

If you’ve ever been watching a television program and right before the end you lose signal, you know how frustrating a signal loss can be. It makes much more sense to have a corded model available.

What Quality Difference Can You Expect?

Everyone wants to know how much their quality will improve when they use a high-priced antenna. The truth is that a TV antenna signal can only provide the highest quality signal sent from the broadcast tower.

For example, you’ll want to look at the definition level of the antenna.

If your antenna offers 1080 HD, this is great. What this does is allow you to receive high definition quality video. This is the video that you’ll find in both the antennas I recommend and the high-priced models.

And the crazy prices aren’t justified in most cases.

The quality really has all to do with the strength and reliability of the signal. A long range TV antenna, say in the 35 – 50 mile range that’s able to hold a signal reliability will be the better option than a high-priced model with all the bells and whistles that cuts off often.

Must-Have Features for an Antenna

The must-have features that every antenna needs to have are:

  • Long Range: A long range, say 35 – 50 miles, is the ideal option. If you find an antenna that has a longer range, this isn’t a bad option to consider. The absolute best reason for a longer range is that you may be able to reach a bunch of different towers to get even more channels.
  • High-Definition: HD television is a must-have in today’s world. Many public channels offer free HD signals through broadcast towers. If you find that the antenna doesn’t offer this function, choose another one. A few models do offer 4K compatibility, but there are no channels offering this for free in my area.
  • Multidirectional: Antenna signals are difficult to judge. You can try to determine the direction of the signal to best place your antenna, but a multidirectional antenna allows the antenna to receive signals from all directions.

And when your antenna range isn’t long enough, a signal amplifier works very well. These amplifiers allow you to boost your signal strength dramatically. I’ve seen these “amps” allow you to extend the range of your antenna by as much as 15 miles.

This is a substantial boost for every antenna.

Even the best antennas are starting to offer a free amplifier with their package to help their consumers enjoy the best signal.

When it comes to purchasing an antenna, you want to make sure that you have a lot of time to do research. Reviews allow you to really get an insight into the product and what others have experienced when using the very same product you plan to buy.

After all, every product has its perks and drawbacks, and it’s up to you to really find what these are before purchasing.

I’ve seen some of the highest priced models perform worse or just as well as other low-priced antennas. The same goes in the other direction, too. There are dozens of low-priced antennas that don’t pick up a signal and provide worse reception than your grandma’s old black and white television.

If you’re still struggling with finding an antenna that meets the highest quality standards, I highly recommend the TV Fox. This antenna works very well, it maintains a strong signal and it provides you with an affordable option to watch television.

A lot of antennas come close to this model’s features, yet none of them come close to the same low price point.

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