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Why is TV Fox Our #1 Rated Antenna?

We’ve reviewed a number of different antennas, but our absolute favorite – #1 – pick is TV Fox. Sure, there are other great antennas on the market, but TV Fox offers just the right balance of value, features and design.

We think SkyLink antenna is the best HDTV antenna out there. Here’s why:

HDTV Compatible

What if you could watch your favorite shows and programs in crystal-clear 1080p for free? TV Fox lets you do just that.

Supporting 1080p, TV Fox lets you watch free HD TV whenever, wherever you please.

The antenna is compatible with HD boxes, so you can watch TV for free and enjoy a stunningly clear picture.

Long Range

We’ve seen plenty of antennas for sale that have short ranges that really only make them a good fit for people who live very close to broadcast towers.

Those antenna leave a lot of people in the dark simply because they live too far away to pick up a clear signal.

That’s where TV Fox excels. This discreet little antenna offers a long 30-mile range, so you don’t have to live on top of a tower just to get free TV.

But what if you live even farther away? What if the nearest tower is 35, 40 or even 45 miles away? Does that mean you can’t use TV Fox? No.

If you live way out there – far away from broadcast towers – you can buy an amplifier and connect it to your antenna. That amplifier will extend your range to 50 miles.

A super-long range and the ability to watch HDTV for free? I think you’re starting to see why we think TV Fox is the best TV antenna for home use.

Here’s another great thing about this antenna: its reception is multi-directional. Multi-directional reception means that you can catch the signal from any direction.

No matter whether the nearest tower is North, South, East or West of your home, this antenna will pick up a clear signal.

Easy Installation

Some antennas are difficult to install, which make them almost not worth buying in the first place. If you have to spend hours trying to find a good spot and figuring out how to connect the device to your TV, you’re going to get frustrated and may even give up on the whole thing.

Difficult installation is one major complaint we kept seeing in other TV antenna reviews , but never when discussing TV Fox.

In fact, easy installation is one of this antenna’s biggest selling points.

TV Fox comes equipped with a 15 cm, high-performance cable, which makes it easily compatible with most television sets.

But it’s not just the easy connection that makes installation a painless process – the antenna is also razor thin.

With a compact design (just 280 x 180 mm) and light weight (175 g), this antenna can be installed virtually anywhere. TV Fox can be mounted behind the TV, under cabinets, on windows or anywhere else you please. A convenient stand is also included, so you can move the antenna whenever and wherever you please.

TV Fox’s plug and play design makes it a breeze to use, so you can start watching television within minutes of opening the package.

Modern, Sleek Design

We talked about how easy it is to install this antenna, and part of the reason why is because of its slim design. But another reason we think TV Fox is the best indoor TV antenna is because it has a sleek, modern design.

Not only is the box unobtrusive, but it looks like it belongs in your living room. It looks like it’s a part of your home’s decor.

Many other antennas look like antennas. Let’s face it – that classic antenna look isn’t exactly attractive.

TV Fox has a contemporary look, with a simple black or white square design. If you didn’t know any better, you might mistake it for a speaker.

The antenna comes in either black or white, but you can customize its look by painting it to match the color of your walls. Other antennas don’t offer this feature, which may be an attractive one if you plan to hang it on your walls.

No matter where you choose to install this antenna, it will fit right at home with your decor.

Top TV Programs Available

Did you know that out of the top 100 television programs, 90 of them are broadcasted for free on air? That’s right – you were paying for free channels with your cable subscription.

After installing TV Fox, you can start watching live sports, local news and all your favorite shows. And you never have to pay a monthly cable bill or sign a contract with the cable company.

You can watch all of these programs for free.

Which antenna TV channels will you get access to? That will depend on where you live, but free channels might include:

  • ABC
  • Fox
  • PBS
  • CBC
  • itv
  • CW
  • BBC One

Durable and Smartly Designed

TV Fox is a highly durable antenna that wil give you years of use with proper care. And what you may not know is that this antenna’s design was influenced by modern military communication technology, so you can be sure that you’ll get a clear signal.

This antenna was also smartly designed to be highly versatile and compatible with most devices TV Fox can be used with: televisions, laptops, computers and HD receiver boxes.

If there’s an available connection port, TV Fox can be installed and used.

There’s a lot to love about TV Fox, and its unobtrusive design is really a big part of what makes it our top pick. No one will ever know you have an antenna installed anywhere in your home.

But design aside, this antenna offers a long range, multidirectional reception (no pointing required) and the ability to boost the range to 50 miles with a simple amplifier. Easy to install, HDTV compatible and highly durable, we highly recommend TV Fox for every home.

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