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2019 Fall TV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

Fall is the best time of year for television. Along with the return of our favorite shows, we also get to enjoy the debut of new and exciting shows. This year, the fall TV lineup includes a rich mix of drama, fantasy and supernatural with some comedy sprinkled in. We’re also seeing more original shows from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

This fall’s must-see shows, which you can watch with your indoor antenna, include:

Mindhunter – Netflix

Mindhunter returns for a second season this fall. The new season of Netflix’s popular serial killer crime drama takes place several years after the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit has been implemented.

Agents Bill Tench and Holden Ford will be tested by the Atlanta child murders, which kill 28 people between 1979 and 1981. Ford and Tench get some help from the Son of Sam and Charles Manson to understand the killer’s mind.

Succession – HBO

HBO’s Succession also returns for another season. The show, which is about the dynamics of an American media family, ended its last season with Kendall Roy’s version of the Chappaquiddick incident.

The new season will pick up right where the last one left off, and this one is looking like it may be even more electrifying than the last.

Carnival Row – Amazon

Amazon’s new fantasy series features some big names, including Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.

Bloom takes on the role of human detective Philo who plays opposite Delevingne, a refugee faerie named Vignette.

At the start of the series, Vignette lives in Carnival Row and learns that Philo, her former lover, is still alive and is investigating murders that are terrorizing the city.

Undone – Amazon

Undone is a new project from Bojack Horseman’s showrunner. The animated series is a time-twisting and mind-bending adventure comedy that follows a young woman named Alma.

Alma is trying to save her dead father from ever being killed. When she nearly dies in a car accident, she finds a new relationship with time. Using this newfound relationship, Alma attempts to find out the truth about her father’s death.

Mixed-Ish – ABC

Another spin-off from ABC’s popular comedy black-ish. The show mixed-ish follows main character Rainbow Johnson’s life in the 1980s after her mixed-race parents move away from the hippie commune to the suburbs.

The parents struggle to overcome the challenges of their new life, while Rainbow and her siblings find their way in a mainstream school.

Emergence – ABC

ABC’s fall supernatural drama, Emergence follows a young girl named Piper who is found at the scene of an accident by local police chief Jo Evans.

As it turns out, the mysterious girl has psychic powers. It is now Jo’s responsibility to protect Piper from the strangers who are trying to steal her away.

The Politician – Netflix

Ryan Murphy’s The Politician stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Platt and Jessica Lange. Murphy describes the show as “wealthy people behaving badly.”

“All of this has been percolating in the culture, particularly under this president and this idea of Ivanka and Jared [as] the sort of satanic poster boy and girl for privilege and nepotism,” says Murphy.

The show highlights the absurd lengths the .001% will go to stay on top.

And while you can draw similarities between the show and the current political landscape, The Politician isn’t a show on current U.S. politics, nor is it based on real-life events. Instead, the show highlights the “phenomenon of what it takes to be a politician and how much of yourself you have to sacrifice to be a good one.”

Batwoman – CW

Kate Kane, played by Ruby Rose, is a Jewish, lesbian superhero with her own show on CW. Her archenemy is Hush, who we’ll get to know in the first season. We’ll learn how Kate and Hush go from being friends to arch enemies.

The show takes place three years after Bruce Wayne disappeared. Kate Kane, his cousin, makes it her mission to protect the streets of Gotham City.

Evil – CBS

In CBS’s Evil, Dr. Kristen Bouchard (played by Katja Herbers), psychiatrist and skeptic, partners with a Catholic priest to figure out the difference between medical insanity and demonic possession.

The creators of the show have promised that Evil will be more than just characters exploring haunted places with an EMF sensor. Along with possession, the show’s characters will also explore miracles. Their job is to determine whether there’s a logical explanation for many of the mysterious reported to the church.

Looking for Alaska – Hulu

Hulu’s Looking for Alaska has been in the works for 14 years. The show is based on the popular 2005 YA bestseller of the same name, in which a 17-year-old named Miles Halter meets Alaska Young at boarding school.

The story will focus on mature themes, like sexuality and grief.

Miles, played by Charlie Plummer, has an obsession with memorizing the final words of historic figures. Miles befriends his roommate Chip and the social butterfly Takumi Hikohito.

The show honors the source material, so fans of the book won’t be disappointed.

The Witcher – Netflix

A horror-fantasy show based on the bestselling book series, although most people will recognize the story from the acclaimed video game series. The Witcher explores the mythology of Witchers, who are genetically-enhanced monster hunters.

The show’s protagonist, played by Henry Cavill, is named Geralt of Rivia. Fans of the book series will be happy to learn that Cavill has read all of the books and is also a fan of the video game series.

The Witcher is Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones, but past adaptations of the book series have been a flop. Maybe Netflix can break the curse.

His Dark Materials – HBO

His Dark Materials is finally coming to HBO. The show follows orphan Lyra who is searching for her lost friend – and she’s heading north to find him.

The show features a wide variety of animals, including a giant armored bear.

Lyra will get caught in the middle of a conflict and will be asked to choose a side. As children continue to disappear, many people start taking up arms against the Magisterium.

A second season of the show has already been ordered, so HBO is expecting this one to be a hit.

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