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    Do you have WiFi “dead zones” in your house? You’re not alone. I live in an older home with thick walls. My office (and my router) is on the second floor. My TV (and my Chromecast) is on the first floor. Getting a signal to my TV is next to impossible without a booster.

    Amped WiFi claims that it can:

    • Eliminate dead zones
    • Convert your wired network into a WiFi access point
    • Amplify your WiFi signal in all directions

    But can one little device really do all of this? I’ll explain how Amped WiFi works and why I think there are better options.

    Why Do You Need a WiFi Booster?

    Do you really need a WiFi booster? A booster may help if you:

    • Use multiple WiFi-connected devices at the same time
    • Have issues with videos buffering, especially HD videos
    • You have WiFi dead zones in your home

    If you’re tired of having to wait for movies to buffer or websites to load, a booster can help. If you have multiple people on their devices at the same time, a booster will help maintain a strong connection and speed.

    A booster will extend your existing WiFi signal so that your devices can stay connected no matter where you are in your home or office. You may even be able to pick up a signal in your backyard or porch. Outdoor movie, anyone?

    Virtually everyone can benefit from a WiFi booster. Unless you get a strong WiFi signal in every corner of your house – and outside – a booster will help you fully enjoy your WiFi.

    How Does the Amped WiFi Extender Work?

    The Amped WiFi booster works by extending, or amplifying, the coverage area of your network. Here’s how:

    • Amped WiFi receives your current WiFi signal,
    • Your existing signal is amplified, and
    • The amplified signal is transmitted

    It’s similar to a TV antenna booster it amplifies your current signal to expand your coverage area.

    The more walls (and floors) you put between your router and your device, the weaker your signal will be. When you plug in your booster, it will pick up your signal and expand it to that dead or weak area. It does this without you having to buy a new router or pay more for extra coverage.

    There are no limits to how many boosters you can use at the same time. If you need to put one in every corner of your house, you can. You can even plug in a booster on your back porch and enjoy watching movies or browsing the web in your backyard.

    You can use this WiFi booster anywhere – your house, your apartment, your office, or anywhere else where you want to enjoy WiFi.

    How Does Amped WiFi Boost Your Signal?

    There are two mini wireless routers inside of each Amped WiFi repeater. These mini routers are similar to the router you already have in your home.

    One of these mini routers picks up the signal from your existing network, and it transfers that signal to the other wireless router, which transmits the boosted signal.

    The concept is simple, and installation is just as simple.

    • Plug in your Amped WiFi device (must be within 6 feet of your router during the initial setup).
    • Select Wifi-Repeater from your available networks.
    • Open your browser, and enter into the address bar. If this doesn’t work, try typing in “myrepeater.net.”
    • Enter admin for both the username and password.
    • Click the Repeater button in the green box.
    • Choose your wireless network from the list of available networks.
    • Enter your network password, and click “apply.”
    • You’re now ready to connect. Simply select the newly generated network, which should have an “_Ext” added to its name.

    I’ll admit, the installation process is a bit longer than most other boosters. If you’re not computer-savvy, you may find the installation to be confusing and frustrating. Fortunately, there’s a video tutorial that will show you how to install this device. It’s really not as complicated as it may seem. It’s just a bit more tedious than other boosters, which automatically pick up on your WiFi signal.

    Installation isn’t ideal, but the results are ultimately the same – no more dead zones.

    If you have problems getting the Amped WiFi device working, the company has an in-depth troubleshooting guide.

    I had a hard time finding any Amped WiFi reviews, which is a bit troubling. However, the company does have good customer support. You can contact them through their contact form or over the phone.

    The Verdict

    Rating: 83%

    Amped WiFi will do what it’s supposed to do, but it’s not perfect. There are better boosters out there. Installation is cumbersome (there are 8 steps), and the booster does nothing to increase your speeds.

    With that said, this booster is mostly plug-and-play, and it will boost your WiFi signal without using any extra data. You won’t have to pay a dime more for this extra coverage.


    • Boosts your existing WiFi signal
    • Eliminates dead zones
    • Allows you to watch streaming services, like Netflix, without buffering
    • Good customer support


    • Installation is a little complicated
    • No speed boost

    Amped WiFi doesn’t claim to increase your Internet speeds, but many boosters in this price range do. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have a booster that gets rid of dead zones and increases my speeds.

    If you’re going to buy a WiFi booster, I’d recommend Super Boost WiFi. Super Boost was created with military technology, and it’s extremely easy to install. Just plug the device into an outlet and you’re good to go.

    Super Boost will automatically connect to your WiFi network, amplify the signal, and transmit the boosted signal. This eliminates dead zones and gives you faster speeds at the same time.

    The great thing about Super Boost is that you can expand your signal without using any extra data. You won’t have to pay more for your boosted signal either.

    Amped WiFi seems like a fine product, but Super Boost WiFi is superior in nearly every way. If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with Super Boost.

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