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  • CeeVoo Antenna: Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Antenna Before Reading This Review

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    If you’re reading this, you’re probably a cord cutter who is getting that itch to watch something that isn’t on Netflix. And you value your money, so you want an antenna that will help you receive a bunch of local content directly to your television.

    CeeVoo antenna is making waves online, and we’re getting a bunch of people emailing us about this antenna.

    After all, the manufacturer claims that this is the most advanced HDTV antenna.

    But how does it compare to the competition? Is this really the world’s most advanced antenna, or is it another hyped up product that doesn’t meet the claims they make?

    CeeVoo Antenna Reviews: Features, Specs and Claims

    Alright, we’ve all heard the claims that CeeVoo is making, but what is backing these claims? That’s where we look at the features and specs to really see what’s going on with an antenna.

    I want to be able to flick on my television, watch great content and not worry about fidgeting with my antenna.

    I am too tired after work to play with my antenna.

    It needs to just work.

    CeeVoo makes a lot of claims:

    • The BEST
    • Free movies
    • Free news
    • Free television

    Any time that a product claims that it’s the best, I know that something is amiss. Making these claims is really difficult.

    But I figured I would give this antenna a try for my readers, who deserve only the best HDTV antennas on the market.

    What claims is the company making?

    • Range is said to be 65 miles, and this would blow me away if it was possible. Normally, a range is 30-50 miles, and the additional 15 miles would make a world of difference for anyone using a television antenna.
    • Channels galore, and the company claims that all of your favorite channels will be available. But something that I found very interesting was that the company claims that you’ll have access to up to 100+ channels. I have never been able to come anywhere close to this mark, so I am very skeptical at this point because it’s sounding too good to be true.
    • Multi-directional is a great feature, and it is a feature that works very well with CeeVoo. The times of having to reposition your antenna are gone, and we’ve seen a few companies offering the multidirectional reception to help with overall performance.
    • Military technology is used in the antenna’s design to be able to offer an antenna that is paper thin and receive HD quality pictures.

    Overall, these features are really impressive. I love the multi-directional antenna because setting up this antenna is a breeze.

    But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the antenna’s specifications: there are none.

    When looking on the site, I couldn’t find any exact specifications. This was a bummer, and with the company claiming to have sold 2 million units, I question why no one would have asked about the specifications or why they’re not clearly listed on the site.

    Setup is Pretty Simple

    Antennas are pretty simple in the way that they work. You just plug one end of the antenna into your television, and then place the antenna on the wall. There’s not much to it once you know how antennas work.

    But there’s one thing that’s very difficult: positioning the antenna.

    You have to find the best position to receive a signal, and this can be tedious. You have to continue repositioning the antenna to find the best reception.

    Multidirectional functionality allows you to receive a signal from anywhere, so it’s much more intuitive and easier to setup.

    I prefer the multidirectional antenna because it works so well.

    This made setting up the CeeVoo antenna much faster and easier.

    Reception and Channel Options

    Once you’re done with the easy setup, it’s time to see what this antenna can really do. It takes a bit for your television to scan to see what channels are available. You’ll find this to be a pretty fast process.

    I receive HD and SD channels, and this is 100% dependent on your broadcast tower.

    But I didn’t receive 100 channels. I had nowhere near that amount. I had something like 17 – 19 channels, depending on the day.

    I mean all of the channels were free, but I was expecting more considering the “65-mile range” and the claims from other users that they received up to 50 channels.

    Remember, the manufacturer claimed that I could have up to 100+ channels.

    I am fully aware that these claims are outlandish, and I know a lot of what I can expect from my local broadcast tower because I have tried out a variety of antennas.

    I received fewer channels than other antennas of a similar price and much shorter ranges. For me, that is unacceptable. But for the most part, the reception was clear and consistent. There’s really no arguing with the picture quality.

    High-definition channels did come in very clear, and the setup was as easy as most antennas.

    For me, this antenna simply doesn’t meet the mark. I did jot down a few pros and cons so that you can make your own decision on this antenna.


    • Multidirectional support
    • Easy setup process
    • Lots of great claims


    • Exaggeration across most claims

    I wanted to like the CeeVoo HDTV antenna, but I have to give this antenna an 85% rating out of 100%.


    It’s not that it’s a bad antenna, but it doesn’t compare to the other antennas that we’ve reviewed. The company’s sales page is very uninformative. The 65-mile range sounds great, but I received fewer channels with this antenna than with antennas that claim to have a 35-mile range.

    The claims were just too good to be true, so I can’t recommend this antenna.

    But I do recommend the Livewave antenna instead of the CeeVoo because it’s the next generation antenna and offers neat features that others don’t.

    Click here to get your Livewave antenna today!

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