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    ClearStream’s Eclipse Amplified TV antenna for indoor use is one of the better wireless TV antenna models on the market, but it’s a little overpriced, according to some consumers. A 50-mile range and a flat design allow this model to fit perfectly in the interior of all homes.

    Many people are searching for free HD TV antenna reviews with the belief that you can’t receive high definition channels for free.

    The good news is that you can enjoy HD TV for free.

    You’ll find over a dozen channels provided for free that your nearby broadcast tower broadcasts every day. If you think back to your parents or grandparents, you’ll remember the “bunny ear” antenna sticking up from the television.

    You may even remember someone adjusting the antenna to get a better signal.

    Well, these antennas are still helping people watch television in their homes. The good news is that you never need to pay for a cable subscription to watch television. Sure, premium channels will require a subscription, but these channels aren’t the channels people watch most often.

    Instead, people watch:

    • News channels
    • FOX, CW, ABC, etc.
    • Sports

    You can get a lot of the big games right on FOX for free.

    If you’re the type of person that sits down, flips through a few channels on the television and shut it off, you may want to rethink your cable subscription.

    ClearStream’s Eclipse Amplified Features

    • 50 mile range
    • Sure Grip Technology
    • In-line amplifier system
    • Multi-directional element
    • Paintable surface
    • Lifetime warranty

    The Eclipse guarantees that it’s the best indoor TV antenna to install. And the company does make it one of the easiest models to install on the market.

    Sure Grip technology is behind the easy installation process.

    This technology keeps the antenna snug in place to ensure that the user can maintain their signal without worrying about the antenna falling in the process. What’s unique about this antenna is that it’s lightweight and small in size.

    You can hang it behind the television, or if you wish, place it higher on the wall to ensure that you have the best signal possible.

    What we recommend is placing the unit in one location and using the scan function to note how many channels you receive. Adjust the position multiple times before mounting the antenna. The goal is to find the position that offers the most channels and best overall reception.

    Use the seek feature to find how many channels are available.

    Keep in mind that you’ll need to hook the antenna into the television before trying the seek feature.

    If you want to use this device for more than one television, you can choose to use a 2-way splitter. The splitter allows users to split the coaxial cable into two to allow you to run the cable to each television.


    Always read TV antenna reviews to find out what the true range of the antenna is before purchasing. This model states that it has a 50 mile range, and maybe it does in the ideal environment, but users can expect a range to be much smaller than advertised.

    A 30 mile range may be all that a user can achieve, which may be a concern if the broadcast tower is further away.

    Every antenna is dependent on the right signal which is in the direction of the broadcast tower, but you’ll need to adjust the antenna a few times to ensure that you can find the best signal possible.

    Built into this antenna is a 20dB amplifier that allows the antenna to receive even weaker signals.

    Now, users have claimed to get 40+ channels with this antenna, and this is the best anyone can hope for when using an antenna. After all, you’re no longer paying for cable television, so you’ll be saving a lot of money by using an antenna.

    Sure, there are pros and cons of a TV antenna  (we’ll discuss some soon), but they’re great and reliable in most cases.

    A few of the many channels you’ll be able to tap into when using this antenna are:

    • NBC
    • ABC
    • CBS
    • Univision

    Included with the package is a 12-foot high performance coax cable. You’ll have everything you need to get started using this antenna once it arrives at your door – if you order it online.

    It’s a great package that allows for ample signal range and an amp to ensure that even weak signals are amplified as much as possible.


    • Secures neatly to the wall without needing nails or harsh adhesives
    • Allows for ample range and picks up many channels others don’t
    • Amp needs to be plugged in to allow for the best reception possible


    • Requires an amp to pick up the most channels possible even when towers are close

    Broadcast towers need to be close to use the antenna without an amp. If you don’t have the amp attached, the signal won’t be able to reach the 50-mile mark as stated in the product description.

    There’s also the chance that the terrain and obstacles in the way weaken the signal.

    If this weakened signal occurs, it’s important to try and adjust the position of the antenna. It’s vital that you test the location of the antenna several times before installing the antenna permanently. The idea is to use the seek option to see if you receive the channels you should be receiving.

    But for some people, they will have a horrid signal and won’t be able to receive more than 1 or 2 channels.

    If this happens to you, return the product, as it may be defective or you may be too far from a broadcast tower. There’s also a chance that there is too much signal disruption that is weakening the signal so much, you don’t receive the channels properly.

    These issues happen all the time.

    But for most people, the ClearStream Eclipse will work wonders and provide more channels than any other antenna on the market aside from the Livewave TV Antenna.

    Click here to view pricing and availabilty of the ClearStream Eclipse.

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