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  • Flixon TV Reviews: No Contract, 65+ Networks and Just $35 a Month

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    Flixon TV! is different from the HD antennas that we normally review on this site. I’m all about receiving the best television programming for free, but if you want to simply cut your entertainment spending down, Flixon is a great choice.

    I read a lot of Flixon reviews before doing my own research, and I was intrigued by this product.

    What is Flixon TV?

    Flixon TV is a subscription-bases service that offers you access to 65+ networks for just $35 a month. You never have to worry about being stuck in a pricey, absurd contract. You can cancel anytime.

    You’ll be able to stream all of your favorite content live, from anywhere and on any screen. Flixon works on:

    • Android
    • IOS
    • FireTV
    • Roku
    • SmartTV
    • And more

    Watch all of your favorite content on-the-go, and there’s even access to:

    • Cloud DVR
    • 7 Day Catchup

    All of your television is in one place, so you’ll have access to the complete Flixon TV streaming library wherever you go.

    Flixon TV Reviews: What You Can Expect from Flixon

    Chances are, unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Hulu and Netflix. These two streaming platforms are powerful, but they don’t offer access to:

    • Current events
    • Current shows
    • Past shows

    When you embrace the power of Flixon, you’ll have access to:

    • A&E
    • ABC
    • AMC
    • CW
    • FOX
    • TNT
    • FX
    • CBS
    • CNN
    • NBC
    • ESPN
    • OWN
    • MTV
    • VH1
    • HGTV
    • Lifetime
    • TBS
    • SYFY
    • HSN

    There are 65+ great networks that you can stream right to your device. And you also have the option to customize your subscription with add-on, premium channels, including HBO, Showtime, MoreMax and Cinemax.

    And sports are also available. You can watch all of the hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer or any other sport you want. Even the English Premier League, along with all major college sports, is available on Flixon.

    Again, there are no extra fees, annual contracts – no gimmicks. You also don’t need to have an installation guy come to your home. You can setup your Flixon in seconds, and you can cancel just as quickly.

    But, what happens if you’re busy and can’t watch your favorite shows when they’re on live? Flixon has you covered.

    You can either choose to record the content to the Cloud DVR features, or you can watch your missed shows in a 7-day period. All of the content is provided for 7 days, so you have 7 days to just flick on your app and watch movies and content that streamed in the last 7 days.

    Cloud DVR offers 50 hours of space – more than enough to hold up to 50 TV shows or 25+ movies.

    Think about it: you’ll have access to the networks that you actually want to watch. Content that you want to absorb is available. You’ll be able to watch:

    • News

      Never miss current events or breaking news again.

    • Sports

      All of your favorite sports and teams in one place.

    • Kids

      Entertainment for kids of all ages, from Cartoon Network to Disney, Freeform and Nickelodeon.

    • Movies

      Catch all of the best movies on demand.

    • Shows

      With 65+ networks available, all of the shows you want to watch are at your fingertips.

    • Premium

      The premium content that’s worth paying for, including HBO.

    Watch it all. With a price of just $35 a month with no contracts or hidden fees, it doesn’t get much better than Flixon TV. You’ll be able to watch NCIS, Dancing with the Stars, Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Voice, Chicago Fire, The Simpsons, 24: Legacy, Lethal Weapon, Empire, Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and all of the rest of the shows that you love.

    Primary Device Requirements Are a Drawback

    Flixon TV is a great deal, especially with cable bills rising to just under $101 in 2017. And prices will rise again by another 8% in 2018, with no end in sight. A monopoly of an industry, cable companies have consumers forced into high prices.

    But Flixon TV, for all of its power and benefits, does have one drawback: you need a primary device.

    A primary device is required for streaming, and this means you need to have one of these devices already or buy one:

    • Android or iOS device (phone, tablet, etc.)
    • Fire TV
    • Roku TV
    • Smart TV

    Did I mention that Flixon does have a deal that lowers the cost of Roku drastically when you sign up for a month of service? A lot of people are going this route because it’s still a lot cheaper than paying for cable every month.

    The Flixon app can be installed on as many devices as you wish.

    The catch is that only one concurrent user is allowed to watch at once, so you won’t be able to open the app in multiple locations and watch your shows. If you want to be able to use up to five devices at once, there’s a $5 additional charge for multi-screen use – extremely affordable.


    • Access to 65+ networks
    • Setup is fast and easy
    • Optional services for premium channels


    • Requires primary device

    Again, a primary device is required, so you’ll need to pay your monthly fee on top of paying for a primary device. Since most people have an Android or iOS device already, it’s really not that big of a deal to download the app and start watching your favorite content.

    How would I rank Flixon TV? I would give this product a rating of 96% – that’s rare for me. One of the last products that I rated this highly was TVBuddy.

    If you’re willing to pay for a monthly service, it only makes sense that it’s a lot cheaper than cable and doesn’t have any gimmicks or additional fees. You also have the option of adding premium content to your service, so you can watch Game of Thrones, Ballers and other content that’s only available on select networks.

    Click here to view a special deal being offered by Flixon TV today.

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