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    Mirror Content From Your Phone to Your Television

    We all love sharing funny videos with our friends. What we don’t love is having everyone crowd around our tiny smartphone just to see what’s going on. Having to pass the phone around is even worse. The last one to get the phone is the last one to get the joke.

    Mirrorcasting allows you to share your phone’s screen with a TV, projector or monitor. The only problem is that you have to have a smart TV in order to share your screen.

    Unless you have Mobile Screen Cast.

    Mobile Screen Cast Features, Specs and Promises

    What Mobilecast does is let you cast your smartphone screen onto a TV screen, so everyone can watch a video at the same time.

    And this works for more than just videos. You can also project:

    • Web Pages
    • Documents
    • Facebook
    • Images
    • Any other content on your phone

    What if I don’t have a TV?

    No problem. You can screencast onto a monitor or projector if you want.

    The great thing about Mobilecast is that it’s so versatile. You can use it for:

    • Gaming
    • Presentations at work
    • Presentations in the classroom
    • Sharing memories or videos with friends
    • Watching your favorite TV shows or movies
    • Streaming content in the staffroom

    Did I mention that Mobile Screen Cast also has a free media library? That’s right – you legally stream TV shows for free using your Mobile Cast device.

    Forget paying for channels that you never even watch.

    Okay, but won’t this drain my phone’s battery?

    No. Mobile Screen Cast doesn’t use your phone’s power. You can even charge your device while you’re screencasting.

    Mobile Screen Cast Features and Specs

    • DRAM: 128MB
    • CPU: AM8252
    • NAND: 128MB
    • Video Quality: 1080 HDMI output
    • Compatible with all devices
    • Sound and screen mirroring
    • No Wi-Fi connection required
    • Wired and wireless operation
    • Portable – Great for traveling
    • Works in 195 countries
    • HDMI cable included

    How Does Mobile Screen Cast Work?

    I’ve used mirroring apps in the past, and I can tell you one thing: They’re frustrating to use. I’ve tried using the built-in mirroring on my laptop, too. Guess what? It didn’t always work properly, and I had to connect the laptop to the TV using an HDMI cord.

    Suddenly, my laptop wasn’t so portable.

    Mobile Screen Cast makes screencasting a breeze, which is a welcomed change from the old way of doing things.

    You’ll be up and running in three easy steps:

    • Plug the Mobile Screen Cast device into your monitor, TV or projector.

    • Connect your device to Mobile Screen Cast Media.

    • Enjoy your content.

    Forget having to fumble around with a laptop or tablet and getting frustrated with mirroring apps.

    Mobile Screen Cast doesn’t require:

    • Apps
    • Software

    And it’s so small, it fits in the palm of your hand. The HDMI output is on one side of the device, and the other side has a micro-USB as well as a regular USB port. The design of the ports makes it easy to connect everything without cords getting tangled.

    Mobile Screen Cast is literally a plug-and-play device, and that makes it so much easier to enjoy all of your favorite content.

    Take Your Content On-The-Go

    Let’s say you want to watch your favorite movie while you’re traveling. You could pay for the movie (between $4 and $6), or you could bring along your Mobile Screen Cast device and watch it from your smartphone for free.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay extra just to watch a movie that I already have on my phone.

    Mobile Screen Cast is portable, which means you can take it with you anywhere you want. The device is small, too, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in your bag.

    What’s Included in the Package?

    Mobile Screen Cast comes with everything you need to get started, including:

    • USB cable (for power)
    • HDMI cable (flexible for easy access)
    • Mobile Screen Cast device (wired or wireless operation)
    • Quick guide (to help you get started faster)

    I love that Mobile Screen Cast comes with an HDMI cable. Most of these devices don’t come with cables, which means you have to buy them separately.

    In other words, you have to spend more money just to get them to work.

    The quick guide makes it easy to set up the Mobile Screen Cast device, but you really don’t need it. It takes just a few steps to get everything up and running.

    There’s just one issue that may make set-up a little more time-consuming.

    Free VIP Access to Streaming App

    I almost forgot to tell you about one really great feature that Mobile Screen Cast offers: Free VIP access to a streaming app index. This access allows you to share new content every day of the week.

    With Mobile Screen Cast, you gain access to Trendytech Media’s online directory of apps with free content, including:

    • TV shows

    • Movies

    • Music

    With these apps, you can kick the cable company to the curb and start saving money.

    All of this content is available to stream for free. Along with sharing content, you can read through reviews, choose from different languages and access other information that will customize your streaming experience.

    Don’t worry – all of the apps are approved by Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

    Mobile Screen Cast Can’t Always Find the Device

    Mobile Screen Cast reviews reveal just one small issue with this device: It sometimes has trouble finding devices. While it can be frustrating, it’s not an uncommon issue.

    Most of the time, the issue is with the smartphone and not the Mobilecast device.

    And usually, the problem resolves itself after just a few attempts.


    • Easy to set up
    • Wired and wireless operation
    • Share your content wherever you go
    • Free streaming of TV and movies
    • Crystal-clear 1080p HDMI output


    • Sometimes has trouble finding devices

    My only real complaint with Mobile Screen Cast is that it sometimes has trouble finding devices. But as I mentioned earlier, this is common with mirrorcasting devices and the problem usually resolves itself after a few attempts.

    That being said, Mobile Screen Cast’s benefits far outweigh this one little issue. With this one simple device, you can watch movies and TV for free, or share your presentation with your team at work. You can do all of this for free and without having to fumble with wires or clumsy mirrorcasting apps.

    Mobile Screen Cast works – period. And I prefer this device over MirrorCast and other mirrorcasting devices.

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