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    Do you have photos and videos on your computer that aren’t backed up?

    If you do, I have one question for you: what would you do if you lost all of these memories?

    Today, I am going to tell you that there’s never a reason to worry about losing your media. All it takes is a simple, plug-and-play device that is compatible with your computer’s USB port.

    Your worries of losing videos or photos are gone.

    And you don’t have to pay for a fancy backup service every month. PhotoStick is a one-time fee. You pay for the stick, plug it into your computer, and the rest is history.

    PhotoStick Reviews – Backup Up to 60,000 Photos and Videos

    One click is all that it takes to back up all of your photos and videos – that’s it.

    It’s so easy to use PhotoStick that your grandmother could use it in seconds.

    But PhotoStick is a complete solution for your media, not just a backup option. You see, when you choose to use a flash drive or something similar, you have to jump through hoops to back everything up properly.

    PhotoStick comes filled with great features that make everything as easy as possible.

    1. No installs. Plugging the stick in will cause it to automatically load up the custom interface. There’s no software to install, and the device will work on both Mac and Windows.
    2. Duplicates. Backup solutions are often lacking, leaving duplicate photos and videos everywhere. When this happens, the duplicates just take up space – lots of wasted space. PhotoStick will remove all of these duplicates, allowing you to maximize your storage space.

    Over 140,000 hard drives fail in the United States annually. And nearly 60% of businesses are not prepared for hard drive failure. PhotoStick is the right solution for any user that doesn’t do much on their computer but needs to back up all of their memories.

    You also don’t need to worry about losing all of your photos on the cloud.

    Everything is held securely on PhotoStick, so you have a physical copy of all of your media whenever you need it most. It’s the solution to all of your media needs, and it doesn’t get any easier than this.

    It’s a risk-free backup solution.

    But I haven’t told you the best part yet.

    You can save up to 60,000 photos and videos, or 128 GB of media, in just seconds. Fast and efficient, you’ll be able to save thousands of photos in just minutes.

    Backups are ongoing, so you can plug your device in whenever you want, and you’ll have all of your most recent memories saved for you. All of your files will be safe, and there’s no reason to worry about your files being lost on the cloud or a backup solution closing.

    If you have a mobile media solution, this is a good addition to allow you to backup your data further.

    Now, if you’re not a tech-savvy person, you may be thinking that this is going to be a hassle to get started. I promise, this is as easy as it gets for any backup solution you’ll find. All you need to do is:

    • Plug PhotoStick into your USB slot
    • Double-click the USB icon (MAC)
    • Go to File Explorer and click on ThePhotoStickWindows.exe (Windows)
    • Hit Go

    There’s absolutely no installation or fuss.

    You’ll want to repeat this process if you want to backup your files in the future. Almost all media file types are able to be backed up, including:

    • JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, RAW, PCT File, Photoshop
    • MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG4

    These are all of your standard picture and video files.

    Will you forget to continue backing up your media? It happens to me, too.

    I am terrible at remembering to plug in my PhotoStick, so I decided to just leave it in my computer. What’s great is that when you leave the PhotoStick in your USB slot, it will start to back up all of your media weekly.

    There’s no need to take the device out of your computer.

    You simply leave it plugged in, and it will provide you with peace of mind. But you’ll need to have your computer on for this feature to work. I recommend making sure that the backup is complete before shutting off your computer.

    If you shut the unit off in the middle of the backup process, you may end up with corrupt files or damaged files.

    This is definitely not what you want in your all-in-one backup solution.

    You’ll also find that the unit will keep all of your files neatly organized. Simple and compact, you’ll enjoy all of these features in one easy-to-use solution.

    What I Like About PhotoStick

    • Media is backed up weekly
    • Store up to 60,000 files – that’s a lot
    • Deep discounts if you buy more than one device

    What I Didn’t Like About PhotoStick

    • Missing 32 GB option

    I do have one complaint: there’s not a 32 GB option.

    You can pick from an 8 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB PhotoStick, but I would like to have seen a 16 GB or 32 GB option. These in-between options would have been nice, as they will allow you to be able to save more than 3,500 files (the amount saved on the basic version).

    Buy two, and you’ll save 50% on the additional stick, so this is great when buying the high-end models.

    PhotoStick is a product that we rate highly: 96% out of 100%.

    Back up your photos and never worry about losing your photos or media.

    It’s a simple, fast solution to all of your media worries.

    And if you’re not happy with PhotoStick for any minute, you have 30 days to return the product and get your money back.

    No questions asked.

    If you live in the United States, you’ll also receive free shipping. That’s a nice perk when ordering on top of the money back guarantee.

    You can also pay with any major credit card or PayPal.

    Click here to keep all of your memories safe forever.

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