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  • Satwave Antenna Review: Why We Recommend Livewave’s Antenna Instead

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    Satwave’s Antenna is everywhere, so I thought I would see what this product is all about. Can Satwave really provide you with a high-end antenna that is worth every last penny?

    It really depends.

    The Satwave TV antenna is almost always sold out, so there’s often a long shipping time.

    I don’t like having to rush when I’m making a purchase. I prefer to be calculated with all of my purchases. I tend to read through reviews to make sure I’m spending money on a product that will be worth the purchase.

    Satwave Antenna Reviews: Features, Specs and New Technology

    Satwave is easy to setup and get started with. You don’t have to worry about subscriptions or contracts.

    But that’s standard with every new antenna.

    Satwave makes it known that over 1.2 million people have chosen to cut the cord in a span of 3 months, and this number is just going to continue to rise. The antenna’s manufacturer claims that Satwave offers the following:

    • 100+ HDTV channels
    • Live sports
    • Award winning shows
    • Award winning movies
    • Plug and play installation

    Installation and the Initial Setup Process

    If you’re worried about a complicated installation, don’t be. You’re going to have an easy time installing this antenna. It’s not as easy as the LiveWave, but it’s still a rather simple installation. All you need to do is:

    • Connect the coaxial cable to the input on the back of your television
    • Plug the antenna into the television’s AC outlet

    That’s really it. The antenna attaches to the back of the television when you connect it, so there’s no need to position it on the wall or on a window. Yes, there are some issues that do exist here, too.

    I personally like being able to position my antenna.

    When you twist the antenna in place using a coaxial cable, you’re able to keep a minimalistic look, which is great. But you’re not able to position the antenna for maximum signal range and position.

    Since position is so important, it’s essential that you spend the time to really sit down and think about your local broadcast tower location.

    Maximizing your channels means that you might be able to receive 100 channels. But the truth is that if you’re able to receive 100+ channels, you’re very, very lucky.

    Features and a Few Things to Consider

    Satwave TV antenna allows you to receive 1080p HD signals, so you’ll be able to watch crystal clear television. But you won’t be able to view 100+ channels like the company states in their sales copy.

    You’ll be able to watch:

    • Local television shows
    • Local sports
    • Local news
    • National sports
    • Movies

    Anything that is being broadcasted on public television will be available. You’ll find that the 50-mile range for the antenna may be a bit exaggerated.

    I am not sure how far the antenna goes, but most are only able to produce a 50-mile range with some sort of booster. And since there aren’t too many broadcast towers in a small radius, it’s very difficult to tell how far the antenna goes.

    The antenna has dual band reception, with VHF/UHF antenna capability and a 20 dB gain.

    Thin and compact, the antenna’s main difference compared to the competition is the way that it installs. There’s no need to mount the antenna on a wall or window.

    And you can definitely cut the cord with this antenna. It’s by no means perfect, but you’ll be able to receive a dozen or so channels. Local channels that broadcast in high-definition will provide the best options for high-definition content.

    You’ll be able to receive some of the world’s most popular, free channels. This will include FOX, CW, CBS, PBS and other channels that are free.

    Just don’t expect to reach the 100+ channel mark anytime in the near future. You’ll never be able to reach the true 100 channel count unless you get very lucky. When I was able to receive close to 100 channels in the past, I was seeing a lot of duplicate channels or channels in other languages.

    It’s not that I mind receiving 100+ channels, but I have never been able to come close to this amount.

    Satwave makes sure that their sales copy mentions the potential for 100+ channels every few paragraphs. You’re not going to get these many channels, and if you do, you’re very lucky.

    If they toned down this claim a little bit, I might have given the antenna a better overall rating than I have given it.


    • Easy to install
    • Finds channels automatically
    • Offers a different install option than most


    • Doesn’t give you 100+ channels

    From the very start, without reading any Satwave reviews, I knew that this antenna would not be worth purchasing. The antenna doesn’t work great, and it provides a lot less than 100 channels. I also don’t like the fact that you can’t reposition the antenna.

    You can’t place the antenna on the wall to receive the best reception. And in my opinion, this is a major concern. You really need to be able to put the antenna on the wall to reposition it properly. If you can’t do that, you’ll want a multidirectional antenna that can pick up the signal from any location.

    Satwave fails on all of these fronts.

    I am rating this antenna an 83% out of 100%.

    It’s not horrible, but it’s also not a very good antenna by any means. It’s more in the mediocre range, and this will always be one of my biggest concerns with this antenna. You can get a lot more for your money with some of the other antennas that we’ve reviewed.

    I’d recommend the Livewave Antenna over the Satwave antenna any day.

    Not only is the Livewave antenna far superior, but it does exactly what is says it will do. You’ll also save some money when you purchase this antenna because we have secured a 50% discount just for our readers.

    Click here to read our review of the Livewave Antenna.

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