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    Channel Availability

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    Easy Setup

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    Want to watch free TV? Everyone does.

    No one wants to pay for cable. I know that every time I checked my cable bill, I was just waiting for the rates to go up. And rates do go up a lot. Basic cable rates rise 4.8% annually based off of data over the past ten years.

    Imagine that.

    Your bill has been steadily rising. I cancelled cable because I was so frustrated.

    TrueSignal Antenna promised something I was very interested in: free TV in 1080 HD. Free is for me, but how many channels did I really get? How was the clarity? Was the price justified? These are all points of discussion that I will cover below.

    TrueSignal Antenna Reviews – My Firsthand Experience

    TrueSignal Antenna’s HDTV antenna claims to be the “#1 rated indoor HDTV antenna in America.” I can confidently claim that this isn’t the case. While the antenna may be highly rated, I would choose Skylink TV over this model.


    Well, you’ll see after we take a quick look at the features and specs.

    TrueSignal Antenna Features and Specs

    • 50-mile operational range
    • Up to 100+ channels in HD
    • Full 1080 HD signals
    • Dual band reception
    • 13-inch x 12-inch design
    • 2-minute setup

    You’ll find a lot of TrueSignal Antenna reviews making bold claims that the user received 100s of channels. But the truth is that it’s difficult to get 100 channels with any antenna. A lot of antennas will get 30 – 50 channels, but several hundred channels is unrealistic.

    If you did receive 100 channels, it’s most likely that you’re in range of multiple towers.

    Realistically, you can expect to receive 30 – 45 channels. One user states that they were able to get 46 channels, which is definitely possible.

    And keep in mind that most of these channels are in high-definition. All of the channels are free. So, you’re not paying a dime for the channels. You’re paying only for the initial investment to buy the antenna.

    What channels might you be able to get on the TrueSignal Antenna?

    It’s hard to say for sure. Every setup is different, but most people are able to receive:

    • News

      Local news channels are traditionally free, and your broadcast tower is almost certain to provide these channels to you for free.

    • Weather

      The weather falls into the same category as news, and you’ll likely receive the weather with crystal clear clarity.

    • Sports

      You can expect to receive the top sports in the world – especially local teams. NFL, NHL, NBA, MLA and more will be provided via your satellite.

    • TV Shows

      Television shows, especially on lower television channels, will be available. You won’t receive Game of Thrones or any shows on premium channels, but you will be able to receive many of the shows on basic cable.

    • Movies

      You’ll also receive all of the great movies that the basic channels have to offer.

    Imagine being able to receive all of this free content with only a one-time investment in an antenna.

    What About the Setup Process?

    I have some complaints about the TrueSignal Antenna, but I really do like the setup process. You’ll find that the antenna is a sleek 13″ x 12″, so you will be able to conceal from your view.

    It won’t stick out on the wall or become an eyesore like competing models.

    When you receive this antenna, you’ll want to follow all of the instructions that are provided. I always recommend reading the instructions first to know how to properly mount your antenna. And then I recommend reading our article on boosting your antenna signal.

    If you want to make sure you receive as many channels as possible, the placement of the antenna will be key.

    What’s great is you just place the antenna on a nearby window. You’ll want to make sure you pick a window that is facing your local broadcast tower. The antenna is white, so it will match most window décor.

    You won’t even notice the antenna is there after a few weeks – it blends right in.

    And you will need to run the cord to your television. NASA scientists developed this antenna, and it uses military technology to receive signals. It’s a robust TV antenna that can work in even the countryside, where people can be 20 – 30 miles away from the nearest broadcast towers.

    What I forgot to mention is that you can even use this antenna on-the-go.


    Take the following scenario.

    • You rent an RV to travel the country.

    • You attach the antenna to the television.

    And now you can receive all of those same great channels while you’re on the road. What I do want to mention that it’s difficult to optimize the signal when you use your antenna in a moving vehicle.

    The good news is that you can change the direction of your vehicle as needed.

    When traveling, you can also pack your antenna away and bring it with you. Of course, this is a little impractical in some scenarios.

    The company makes it simple to install and adjust their antenna. You’ll find that it takes less time setting up your antenna than it does trying to call and cancel your cable service.


    • Channels that are broadcasted can be seen in 1080p HD
    • 50-mile operational range
    • Easy to setup


    • Receives fewer channels than competing models
    • Shorter cable than Skylink
    • Amplifier isn’t provided
    • Shipping times can be slow

    TrueSignal Antenna is a great buy, but it will cost you $39.95 per unit with a 50% discount. You can receive a higher discount of up to 60% if you buy four or more antennas. But is it worth the money?


    I rate this unit a 91% out of 100%, but why? The main reason is that it doesn’t compare to competing models. Skylink TV Antenna, for example, is an antenna that is similarly priced, yet you’ll receive an amplifier to boost your range, a longer cable and a lot more channels.

    If I had to choose between the two, I would go with Skylink TV.

    Obtain yours now!


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