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  • TV Buddy Caster Review: The Truth Behind This Revolutionary Product

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    Product Rating


    Channel Availability

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    Easy Setup

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    Tired of watching movies and videos on your phone?

    The digital eye strain alone is enough to drive me crazy. Did you know that after just two hours, you’ll strain your eyes looking at your phone?

    But with TV Buddy Caster, you can stream videos from your phone directly to your television.

    No more small screens.

    No more neck pain.

    No more repositioning your phone so others can see.

    With TV Buddy Caster, your phone is mirrored to your television so that you can watch videos and stream content with:

    • No lag
    • No buffering
    • No neck pain
    • No digital eye strain

    It’s perfect.

    Our Inside Look Into the TV Buddy Caster

    TV Buddy will wirelessly connect to your Wi-Fi network. Both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi is supported, and you’ll have instant streaming with full HD. You can stream videos in 1080P with no delay or lag.

    And a variety of platforms can be used, including:

    • Android
    • Airplay
    • Dina
    • iOS
    • Mac
    • Miracast
    • Windows

    TV Buddy Caster turns your dumb TV into a smart television.

    Installation in Seconds

    When you unpack your device, you’ll find that it’s small and 100% portable. You’ll be able to position your device in the smallest of spaces, or bring it with you when you’re on the road. The entire length of the device is a mere 162mm.

    Installation requires your television to have an HDMI port.

    If you have a port, you simply plug the caster into the port and into an electrical outlet.

    That’s it.

    You’ll receive everything that you need to get started, too.

    You’ll then stream from your phone, computer or other device to the caster. Your device should easily pick up the caster.

    Navigating the TV Buddy Caster Channels

    I’m saying “channels,” but you’re really going to be navigating through different apps. When you use the caster, you have two main options to control your device:

    1. Television remote
    2. Mobile device

    You can start playing the video on your mobile device and control your television like normal if you wish.

    There are no streaming video problems, and you should have everything up and running within five minutes.


    It’s that fast.

    Watch Everything, Including Netflix, Hulu, HBO and More

    You’ll find that most streaming services are supported. I say “most” because just in case one doesn’t work, but I have never had an issue with any streaming sites working. You’ll be able to confidently use the major streaming services, including:

    • Hulu
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Video Prime
    • Showtime
    • YouTube
    • Sling TV
    • HBO Now

    But what happens if you want to stream music? Can you confidently stream music without an issue?


    You’ll find that all of the major streaming music services work well with TV Buddy Caster, including some of my favorites:

    • iHeartRadio
    • Spotify
    • Pandora

    I’m sure Google Music and others will work, too.

    If you have access to ESPN or CBS, you’ll also be able to stream your favorite sports directly to your television.

    What about FREE content?

    A general rule of thumb is that you’ll be able to stream free content from free sources. If there’s an app or service that is free, you should be able to stream it straight to your television.

    A few of the many free options, include:

    • PBS
    • Crackle
    • IMDB FreeDrive
    • Vudu
    • Tubi TV
    • Crunchyroll

    You’ll want to search for free streaming services on your own, but there are a lot more than what I have included in the list above.

    Note: I don’t want you to fall for the TV Buddy Caster scam that a lot of people fall for – you need subscriptions to all of these platforms. You’re not going to receive all of these streaming subscriptions for free.

    But it gets even better.

    You will be able to use your favorite apps and games right on the television, too. While a lot of people may not use their caster for games, it’s a great option for kids.

    If there’s an app or game that you want to display on your television, there’s a good chance that it will be 100% supported.

    It’s a neat, extra feature that I really enjoy.

    High-Definition Streaming is Available

    TV Buddy Caster’s price includes the option of streaming in HD. You’ll be able to stream content in 1080P.

    But you will not be able to watch all content at this high of a resolution.

    The device will be able to support HD, but it’s really the streaming service that’s responsible for offering SD or HD. If the streaming service only offers SD, you’ll be stuck with standard definition content rather than high-definition content.

    It’s that simple.

    Devices That Can Stream to TV Buddy Caster

    You know that you can use your smartphone to stream content to your television, but what about your other devices? If you’re like me, you have a lot of digital devices that you use to consume great content.

    You can use most of these devices to stream content, too.

    A few of the devices that I know work with TV Buddy Caster are:

    • Smartphones
    • Laptops
    • Tablets
    • Computers

    You’ll want to make sure that your computer has a wireless card and is Bluetooth supported to work properly.

    If you have a wireless card, there’s a good chance that the device will be able to be used with the caster. It’s the perfect option if you have content on a variety of devices that you would like to consume.

    My Verdict

    Rating: 96%

    After analyzing every aspect of this product, we have to recommend it to our readers. Our TV Buddy Caster review gets even better with a 50% discount and FREE shipping.

    If you order today, you’ll also receive a 100% money back guarantee.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with your purchase.

    All that’s left to do is place your order, watch a lot of great content and say “goodbye” to your cable provider.

    If you’re a cord-cutter, this is one of the must-have devices that we recommend you buy.


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    Jack here. I’m the admin behind Best HD Antenna – a site for hardcore cord cutters. I’ve been struggling to find a way to help friends and family cut the cord. My solution was to start Best HD Antennas to bridge the gap between just going straight to a streaming service and choosing a top rated TV antenna. I also wanted my phone to stop ringing, or to stop having people ask me: “don’t you miss cable?” No, no I don’t miss paying $80 a month for television I don’t want.

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    Jack here. I’m the admin behind Best HD Antenna – a site for hardcore cord cutters. I’ve been struggling to find a way to help friends and family cut the cord