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    Is This Really the Ultimate TV Antenna?

    TV Radius antenna ads are popping up everywhere. I just saw an ad for the antenna that claimed it’s:

    • Discreet
    • High-definition
    • The “Ultimate” antenna

    So, I was interested to see what this antenna could do. Antennas aren’t new, and they’ve been around in some form since televisions were first introduced to the world. Cable bills and boxes were once unfathomable, but now people have no problem forking over $100+ a month for their cable.

    And TV Radius claims that they want to provide consumers with free TV.

    I won’t deny that you’ll be able to receive free television. Antennas, the ones that work, will all be able to pick up broadcast signals from broadcast towers with varying signal strength.

    But I wanted to see what TV Radius antenna could do to convince me to change from TVBuddy to this antenna.

    Did it beat out TVBuddy?

    You’ll have to continue reading this review to find out.

    TV Radius Antenna Features and Specs

    Called the “top choice for indoor TV,” this model has a few features that you would expect from all television antennas. The range is 30 miles, and from my experience, this is the industry standard, with some models offering an amplifier (our buying guide has more details) that boosts this range.

    In terms of clarity, you’ll be able to watch your favorite local channels in 1080p HDTV, so it’s a high-definition antenna.

    But you need to keep in mind that unless the broadcast is offered in high-definition, you won’t be able to enjoy high-definition. This is a hit or miss because every channel is different, so I really can’t comment on what HD channels you would receive.

    A lot of the key channels do have HD, this includes Fox, CW and the like.

    Local channels, aside from sports, are often broadcast in standard quality.

    When you look through the page’s copy, you’ll find that there are a lot of great specs:

    TV Radius Antenna Features and Specs

    • Size: 230 x 110 mm
    • Weight: 86g
    • Color: Black

    You’ll find that this antenna is small and lightweight. When the size and weight are this small, you’ll be able to hang this antenna wherever you want without having to worry about it falling down.

    It’s the perfect compromise of weight and dimensions.

    You’ll be able to place this antenna behind a picture frame if you want to hide it away from guests. Its small size also makes it fit perfectly under cabinets or at the back of an entertainment stand.

    In the size and weight category, I have to admit that TV Radius is pretty impressive. I really like that the small size allows this antenna to be strategically placed behind décor.

    But the features are where this antenna falls short.

    You’ll see that a lot of TV Radius antenna reviews say the same thing: some features are lacking. A few tweaks and this antenna could have been the ultimate antenna, but there are ample antennas with better features available.

    Anyway, the features that are offered by the TV Radius antenna are:

    TVRadius Antenna Features and Specs

    • 30-mile range
    • Multidirectional reception
    • 1080P HDTV

    I will praise the company for including multidirectional reception technology. What this technology does is allow for the signal to come from all angles. It’s difficult to place your antenna properly if you don’t know where the broadcast tower is located.

    But multidirectional reception makes the antenna placement a little easier.

    While I still recommend finding the right placement for the antenna, the multidirectional option is very nice. You’ll find that it’s much easier to setup everything with multidirectional support.

    Anyway, let’s see what type of television you’ll be able to watch.

    Television Programming with the TVRadius Antenna

    Even if setup was difficult, the only thing that really matters is that the TVRadius antenna provides you with the best television for free. The company claims that they cannot guarantee reception, and they claim that a lot of variables will impact the quality of the programming.

    And this is a statement that is true.

    The company also states that you’ll be able to view more than 90 of the top 100 television programs, and maybe they didn’t mean channels but meant actual shows. I can confidently say that you won’t be able to view 90 or more channels for free.

    You’ll be able to receive 50 channels if you’re in an optimal location.

    And this is a decent number of channels. The channels you’ll be able to watch will vary, but they’ll often include:

    • News.
      The local news will be broadcast for free over the broadcast tower.

    • Sports.
      A few sports channels, primarily local sports, will be broadcast.

    • Movies.
      Older movies will be able to be seen.

    • Shows.
      TV shows are available, too. These shows include programs from CW, Fox and other channels.

    So, this is a rather standard set of television that you’ll be able to watch. You may be able to watch some other content, but for the most part, this is the most that you’ll be able to expect.

    You will not be able to receive premium channels. There’s no HBO, Showtime or any of the other great movie channels available for free. With that said, you can pay for these premium channels with premium subscriptions if they’re a must-have. But again, this will add to your monthly entertainment costs.


    • Multidirectional antenna
    • Small, lightweight design
    • Supports 1080p


    • Standard range
    • Shipping is slow
    • Pricer than other options

    TVRadius antenna isn’t a bad product, but it doesn’t have an amplifier included, which would make the signal reception stronger. There’s also the concern that shipping is very slow. A lot of reviewers were unsure if they were going to get the antenna in the mail.

    Price-wise, the TVRadius is more expensive than comparable models, so it’s not the most affordable option on the market.

    I just find that other antennas offer better pricing for the features offered.

    We’re wanted to like this product more, but it simply doesn’t compete with the likes of TVBuddy (click here to read our TVBuddy review). We give TVRadius an 89% rating – it’s a decent product, but it could be better.

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